Basic Training.... And So The Adventure Begins.

Hey, I'm Tiffani, I came here with the intentions to find some sort of support from fellow girls who understand what it means being a Military Girlfriend.

So here's my story...

My boyfriend leaves for basic in 2 days. He'll be at Fort Jackson for 2 months, I don't know exactly what to expect. I've been with my boyfriend for almost a year. I've known since the beginning of summer that he would be leaving this month, But every time I thought about it, I'd just put it off, saying " I'll deal with it later when it comes..." and here it is, 2 days before he leaves.... all these emotions hitting me... I feel so mixed up. I'm happy, excited, anxious, nervous, sad, supportive, pretty much everything mixed up into one. I don't know how to deal with this, I know that I do love him and care so much about him. I mean I don't wanna drag it on about how much I love him, but I do. I feel like cry every time I think about having to say "see you later.." while we're at the airport because I don't want to let him go. Maybe in a way it's because, my boyfriend isn't just a boyfriend. He's my best friend, you might not understand... so I'll explain.

My boyfriend has been here for me in the toughest times, like when my family was going through a tough time, when my parents were constantly fighting and at one point in time it felt like they might have divorced, then, my grandfather past away, and he was there to comfort me, even when friends tried pulling us apart, and then he's even been here for all the good times, we've spent most of the holidays together and met each others families, alot has happen this past year, and to be honest I never knew you could grow so close to someone, not in just a loving boyfriend/girlfriend way, but in a different level. It's amazing, I love the feeling of this.. it's like they say. "It's a relationship."

I guess you could say this is why I dread basic, him being so far, and me here. Not being able to call him up to tell him the little things or even the big things. Or calling him up and saying let's go out, or let's stay in and baking some sweets and cuddle up on the couch and giggle like idiots, make fun each other and making jokes. It's just easy being with him. I don't have to try to being better then I am. I can being a mess! And he loves me with arms wide open.

I guess you might understand why I feel the way I do, why I have so many emotions. Maybe.... I'm really attached. More then I thought.

I can honestly say, I keep to myself, I don't have many friends I talk to, because I don't want to feel like a hassle to someone, everyone has a life, and they all have troubles to deal with and I don't want to add on. Then I also have had some bad experiences with friends that left a terrible taste. I will say that, I do have a tendency to push people away when I feel they gotten to close, because too many times I've let them in and instead of being understanding and a friend, they turn around and hurt me. I know for a fact that I can't be this way, because then I wouldn't have anyone... Shocker I let my boyfriend in, and actually gave a chance for him to understand and get close. So here I am being complete and utterly honest about my feelings and emotions.

I hope that I've made some sort of sense and I hope that there is someone out there who feels the same way and understand what I feel.

My boyfriend means alot to me, and I'm not ready to hop on this adventure.... (but in a way I am. I want too.) I want to make what we've had last a little longer. But like they say... "All things happen for a reason." And "Great things come to those who are patience."
I am gonna try my hardest to grow some tough skin, I know I've always dreamt of being a military wife, but, geez.. I didn't know it was this tough. I hope that some of you can relate, and understand.... If any of you guys have any input, I'd appreciate it, I wanna hear y'alls experiences, tips, anything you guys learned. I'd loved to hear all about it.

I guess, in a weird way, after letting this out, I'm ready... I'm ready for our relationship to grow even more then what it is now.

I'm ready to start our adventure of a military life.

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I feel like you just said my story. My boyfriend and best friend was at Fort Jackson from June to August. Then he went to AIT at Fort Sam Houston. He graduates from AIT at the end of the month and then off to Germany he goes for 2 years. When he left to basic I tried really hard to be strong but I couldn't help but randomly crying for the first few days. You just feel like there is this huge piece of you missing. I wrote him letters everyday telling him about my day and encouraging him to stay strong. (Basic is not easy). When I got his first letter I sent him about 2 weeks of letters. He was just home for 10 days for Christmas and it was amazing. But having to say "see you later" and watching him walk away again hurt just as much as the first time. Him leaving will never get easier and the first few days are the hardest. Just stay busy and time will fly. And he will be in your arms before you know it. My name is Charlotte and if you ever need to talk or vent or anything I will be here for you. I came to this website looking for support as well because my best friend just left and no one here at home knows how I feel. They never will.

That must be hard, I have to say, I keep trying to hold the random crying times... because I don't want to leave him with memories of me crying. I will definitely write as many letters to him, I know i won't get allot from him, but I need him to know that I'm not leaving.

I totally understand ! I feel the same way about everything you've said ! My boyfriend leaves for boocamp jan 17 . I know i will have the same feelings as you ! Anyways I'm always here if you need , 8327418549 . My names lawren btw (:

Thanks, were in the same boat! I'm holding in there! believe me it gets harder as it comes closer. I still feel bad but everything will turn up and lighten up. I know it will. It'll all be worth it in the end.

Text me sometime you'll need someone to talk to in 2 days 2035982932 btw my name is Sarah and my bf left for basic at fort Jackson in nov and I saw him for 2 weeks for Christmas and he left a couple days ago for basic. I totally know how it feels it's really hard and I am in the same situation, hey I'm here I understand!

Thanks, its alot to deal with right now and thank you for hearing me out. I have to ask, how did you handle it the last few days? I just feel like crying, but I'm just trying to be strong for him. Tomorrow is my last day with him.

The last few days of him being home I just spent a lot of time with him because I knew after that we wouldn't be able to see each other. It really doesn't hit you until you see them walking away and when I first walked into my room and everything was left the way we had strong think about when he comes out you'll have so much time to hang out and be with each other again, that's what I live by that all of the pain and missing them will be worth it in the end and will make our relationship stronger

Yes I agree, I love my army boy so much, and I know that this will be all worth it in the end. I know it. and I believe in him. and I need to be strong. For us.