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My boyfriend Stephen and I met in the first grade and we never thought that we would end up where we are now! He is a triplet (there are 2 boys and 1 girl). We were all friends when we were younger, them being some of my best friends as a child. After a few years due to family problems, they moved away and we lost touch. Just a few years ago we all reconnected through the internet and we have been inseperable ever since! We do have a long distance relationship because he lives an hour away from where we grew up (where I still live) and it is even further from where I go to college. So far, we have been dating about a year and a half<3

So his childhood family issues followed him into his adulthood and he just moved in with me recently and we plan on getting married in the future, but we are trying to wait as long as possible because I still have a couple years of college left and we are still young. He is actually leaving in a couple days for Fort Benning in Georgia and I am freaking out! I bought him some stationary and stamps for christmas but I know that he won't really be able to write much. I have family that has gone through the airforce so I know what that branch is like during basic and things like that, but every type is a little different and I do not know what to expect exactly, and I have heard so many stories about how strict Fort Benning is!

He is such an amazing and strong guy, both physically and mentally. He is my rock and in return I am his. We have been through so much together and I cannot imagine my life without him. Not only is he my boyfriend, but he is my bestfriend as well:) I know there is such a long road ahead of me, but I am so proud of him and I just want all of this to be over so it can be my time to see him again after 5 months lol
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Write him every chance you get! He'll def have time to write you back because they do have personal time, so I'm sure he'll pt ur stationary to use! My bf is also at Fort Benning in GA and he graduates in March! Good luck on your Journey with your soldier and many blessings to you both!<3

What group was he in? Stephen said that he is going to be in alpha or bravo company which he said are more strict? I don't know if he was thinking dramatically about how strict it is (even though I know its very strict) but how long was it before you got his address and was he able to call you and how often were you able to get a letter from him?

I'm not sure of the group he's in...I just know that it took about...2 weeks for me to get his address. Every time I sent a letter out I got one back by the next week. But me and my bf barely talk on the phone...we've talked twice since he's been in basic...and they were both 2 min conversations. so just be prepared to not talk to him often, because depending on who his commander is, they control how often you get to call your family...and according to my bf...his commanders not so nice..lol

thank you so much for the info! and yeah, my bf didnt even want to bring a phone or anything but i made him, and when you get his address, does he have to call, say his address and hang up? or should I answer the phone? or what should I do? haha Because I don't want to send the call straight to voicemail if I have a chance to talk to him, ya know? but i also dont want to get him in trouble by answering the phone..

You'll usually get his address by him sending you a letter...that's how I got mine:) and if he calls you...def answer, that means they prob allowed him access to his personal items so that he could call home during his personal time. I remember I missed a call from my bf and I literally almost had a mini breakdown..but then he called back thank God! lol

yeah, i would have a total breakdown as well! I just didn't want to do something wrong and have him get in trouble or have me not be able to talk to him or something. and they get an hour of personal time a day or a half hour?

sorry I'm just seeing this! lol but um as far as personal time in basic they hardly get it based on who their commander is. The two times I have talked to my bf...it was literally for 2 mina so that he could tell me that he was alright.

yeah, thats what I thought, but I just wasn't sure because everywhere is different, I just hope that I could at least get a 2 minute call if that, just something! lol

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Just cherish the time that you have. Take a ton of pictures, and write him as much as possible. This site is so great for people that are feeling down about that stuff so you're super lucky to have came across it :)

Ohhh! Also, keep as busy as you possibly can, my guy just did a month in Michigan and then went on vacay with his parents which led to almost 2 months apart. In that time I read 3 books, wrote a ton, and worked as many hours as I could. Having school to keep you busy is a good thing.

If you need anything at all, don't hesitate to let us know!!!

yeah, I am going to try to work as much as possible so that way I can save up money for a plane ticket to go see him during graduation. I'd be going by myself so I'm a little more nervous about it so I want to make sure that I have enough money for everything like hotels and such, and working will help me keep my mind off of it. Its just hard because he left this morning and I still have more of his laundry to do! lol

The next 5 months are gonna be hard, but you'll get throught then... I promise. And if you need anything at all, just let me know. :)