First Phone Call Since He Left For Bootcamp

I'm trying to keep it really positive, he calls in two days. Any tips on what to and what NOT to talk about?
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3 Responses Jan 6, 2013

When my boyfriend called me from basic he was in a room full of guys who were just waiting for him to make his call. He was the last one to make the call. So he felt awkward. So I did most of the talking which he really liked because he said he missed my voice.

Where is your boyfriend in bootcamp? I am waiting for my first phone call this week as well and im so nervous for it

he's at great lakes, where's yours?

Lackland Air Force Base

Every guy is different but whenever I talk to my bf we talk about what's new in my life and just how each of us have been since we've been a part. It's good to just catch up on what's new, at this point they haven't really gone through anything i feel as if it's safe to talk about what he's learning in basic training and if he likes it so far or not!:)

Thanks =]