Questionas About Basic Training And Ait Graduation!

Hey! So my boyfriend graduates in March and I was wondering if anybody knew how that works...does he get actual tickets that he will mail out or will his immediate family only get tickets. He has like no idea how it smh...and I just wanted to know if anyone who has been through this process knows how it works. He's currently in Army National Guard basic training.!:) I would appreciate any help just so I know what to expect!
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I don't know how it works for them... but for the air force, my fiancé had to give his recruiter a list of people before leaving for basic. They sent us guest passes, which are basically our way into his graduation.. or so i've heard. If you're really unsure, try contacting his recruiter. I'm sure they'll be able to tell you more information :] good luck!

Thank you! I don't think it works the same...but this is still really helpful, I appreciate it!:)

Hey I am actually going to my boyfriends Graduation soon, I actually got my tickets on my own his imidiately family (Mom) gives me all the info..

so you have to purchase tickets?

Like air fairs .. Lol

oooh well yeah! lol bt as far as getting into the actual graduation at For I just have to go with his immediate family to get in?