He Called His Ex During Bct!

Soo i just found out that my boyfriend called his ex during basic. If you have seen my past stories you would know that i have had issues with herbefore. in the past. (before he left she wanted to hang out with him...without me) so this is bothering me because in my mind,im thinking why isthis girl so important to you that you have to call her? Apprently it was the one time i missed his call. but bottom line is we both agreed to not talk to our exes. and he broke that rule. and im not sure how to let this roll off my back . Your views?
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3 Responses Jan 7, 2013

Unfortunately, Mines talked to his during also and i was highly ****. We didnt last because we had serious issues. BUT YOU TWO JUST NEED TO TALK ABOUT HOW THAT MAKES YOU FEEL.. BELIEVE ME IF YOU DONT STOP THAT NOW.. ITLL GET WORSE

Well, I found out my fiancé gave two exes his address sep 3 the first time they got their phones back. They wrote him but, he never wrote back. Theres other things I found out and I was ready to leave him. But, he broke down in tears which took me by surprise.

have you talked to him about it, and about her in general? Did he tell you he called her or did you find out some other way? You definitely need to tell him how your feeling and kinda feel out how he acts about the whole situation. There are certain people that my bf and i agree are off limits. He better have one hell of an excuse if he breaks that agreement, not even because he was doing something wrong with them but just for being disrespectful towards me and our relationship. And he'd be the same way if i broke it. but in a situation like this communication is key. i'm not the kinda person to jump to conclusions or the one who would just let it go...find out what she means to him and why he's willing to break your trust to talk to her or even just make you uncomfortable by doing so. Maybe he just needs to be told how it makes you feel in order to know he can't do it anymore. I don't even know if everything i just said made sense, but i hope it did at least a little. Good luck!