A New Military Girlfriend

Hey everybody!

Today the love of my life left for basic training. I'm sad and i don't know where I can find other people who are in a similar situation. I go to school and I'm about to graduate in the spring. My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and half, and were really happy together. I was hoping to seek advice and guidance about military relationships. I know you ladies know a lot and from reading older post a strong group of individuals :).
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my boyfriend left for basic last week, the first couple of days are the hardest, and the best thing you can do is keep yourself busy. It's been a full week since I've seen him last and I miss him more than anything, but the thing that keeps me going is that he's doing something that he's dreamed of doing his whole life. Write him letters, that's the most helpful thing you can do, and then when he writes you and you get his address he'll have TONS of letters to read, which will put a huge smile on his face.

Keep your head up,<3

Mine just left today too! Where is he being stationed?

His training is in San Antonio, Texas. Super far away!

i used to date someone in the airforce so ive been through all of that, its rough! but its really cool, because when you visit and they are allowed leave from the base, every one congratulates them on graduating and everything and its just such a great experience! I love texas!

I heard its nice there as well! Where is your man stationed? What branch is he in?

he is in the army national guard and he is stationed in ft. benning, he is a calvary scout:)

How do you make it work? I don't think him leaving really hit me yet...

i dont think it has hit me yet either, i think he just sent me his last text...he just got to the base like 10 mins ago and now im all sad again:(

Is your bf making the military his career? don't be sad! Every single time i get sad i just think, hes doing this to make his life better, and i might be in his future...

yeah, i think the same thing. he gave me a promise ring for christmas and we always talk about getting married and what type of house we want and how we want a small farm with chickens and goats and we want to grow our own veggies and cute stuff like that (we both grew up near farms lol) and it keeps me going to think about the future we can have together! And he wants to go to a type of college, but i dont think he knows for sure what he wants to do. he has talked about being a cop, recruiter, welder, random things haha So I am not sure exactly what he wants to do, but I think that the Guard will help him figure it out

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