A Lil Confused About This Whole Deployment Thing! Help Plz!:)

Sooo my bf is stationed at Fort Benning right now...he's finishing up Basic Training right now and will start his AIT soon and graduate in March, does anyone know when he'll know if he's getting deployed after he graduates?....nd if he gets deployed to another country and we're married can i go with him to live on base....orrrr is that called something else??? I'm alil confused...lol
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Hey there :) I think it depends widely on when he finds out about deployments. I've heard stories about people finding out months before (such as in the case with my bf), to years before they have to leave. In some cases, I've even heard of people finding out about deployments weeks before they have to leave! Probably not exactly what you wanted to hear, but it just depends on where he will be stationed and all that. However, I'd say that he (and therefore you as well) would find out about upcoming deployments at least a month or two in advance (if not more). As for living together and getting married: As far as I know, if he's actually getting deployed, even if it's in a place that doesn't offer much danger, you cannot go with him, even if you guys are married. However, if he's just getting stationed somewhere over seas and you guys are married, then I think it's allowed for you to go with him and for the two of you to live together on base. I hope that helped! And if you have any more questions please don't hesitate to shoot me a message or something :)

thank you so much this helped me a lot! I truly appreciate it:)

do u know if since he's Army National guard that him getting deployed would be more or less likely to happen since he's not just Army.?

My boyfriend is National Guard too!! Lol, and so I actually do know the answer to this question. Since he's National Guard, he's pretty much guaranteed to get deployed at some point while he's under contract. With my boyfriend though, he was able to (essentially) choose his unit and to therefore find out anything about future deployments in advance. So I would maybe just consider asking your boyfriend the next time you guys talk and ask him about if he knows anything about a deployment in the future :)

PERFECT! Thank you:) In my last letter to him I did ask him about future deployments so hopefully he knows the answer!:)

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