I Cant Go On

My boyfriend and I have been togrther 18 months now 13 of which have been spent apart. I love him dearly but I really cant take the pain of being separated any longer. ive tried to talk to him about it but all I get is answers like "its not my fault its my job its all ive ever wanted to do and there is nothing I can do."
I really cant do it any longer. Please help.
Clairemcc33 Clairemcc33
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Ladies would just like to say im back from my most recent visit...things have never been better..weve even discussed starting our futre together :) im so happy!!!

Ive been trying to talk to him about it for the pasy day. I just keep getting the same answer.its over but I just cant bring myself yto tell him that. He wont listen to my side of the story.

Hes stationed away from me dont want to even think about deployment. Deep down I know I love him with all my heart but at the minute I just cant seem to find peace with it. Every time we are on the phone I end up in tears with isnt easy for either of us. I just feel that if I dont grt to grips with it soon he Is just going to give up on me

It is complicated but I see you are not happy, and not being happy is not good at all. Give it some thought and be honest to yourself, sometimes we just ignore what is in front of us. Maybe you find the strength needed, maybe you don't, whatever it is, you both deserve to be happy.

We all have that moment when we can't do it anymore but you have to reach deep down and find the strength. If you absolutely love him so much that you know you want I be with just him you'll find it. I've had my times when I've said I'm done but I'm so head over heals in love with my man that I found the strength in the love I have for him to continue on. I have alot of crap going on I'm life that's making it exteemely hard for me to be away from Ryan but those issues are gonna be there when he gets back. He knows what I'm going through minus the car accident I just had last night and he still loves me and know that makes it easier to stay strong

Everybody has a limit, that is true. I haven't seen my Marine for a long time, but we are both clear that it has to end at a point, meaning that one of us has to move where the other is (guess who is moving :)). What Im trying to say is: talk to him about when is the distance going to be closed, when are you going to be together. That will give you the strength needed.

I have tried but he either says that it isnt posible cause he is still in training or that he isnt ready for that. I told him the last time I was over visiting that I physically couldn't do it anymore I was in tears at the airport. That was 4 months ago. he was home for two weeks at christmas and not a thing was said and every time I mentioned it he ignored it. I walked off on him in the shopping centre and it still didnt make a difference. Im at breaking point.