In A blink Of An Eye...

They're gone. Just like that. I just had to say "see you later" to my boyfriend as he is leaving to go back to his base. Nothing about them leaving is easy and as much as I am trying to remain strong I feel like my insides are breaking into pieces. That last hug and last kiss is so bittersweet and in that moment nothing else in the world matters. Knowing that you won't be able to do that for many more months is horrible. He will be gone six months and I know time will fly eventually and being apart will seem "easier" but it's always the first few days that really get me down. I don't really know what to feel right now. I just feel empty and sad. And being in a military relationship is the hardest thing I will ever do in my life but its so worth it. But saying bye to your soul mate and bestfriend is by far the worst possible thing.
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This made me cry... It's exactly what I went through two weeks ago we said see you later and hugged and kissed for the last time for nine months. You're definitely not alone! Good luck

Awe sorry it made you cry! And I know it's hard :/ but we are strong girls and can get through it! Hang in there <3

I mean cry because its so touching knowing I'm not the only one <3 we are strong though!! We can do it!!

My boyfriend and I also recently said "see you later" it was one of the most difficult moments of my life. Knowing you have to let them go but it's also reassuring that they will be back. The first few days were beyond difficult but time seems to speed up after awhile. I wish you the best of luck girl!

Thanks! Good luck to you too! And you're right knowing they are coming back is what gets me through these rough days. But time does help.

I am in the same exact shoes you are in girl. My man had his leave over the holidays, and stayed with me the full 2 weeks.. We were on cloud 9 until the end. He had to drive back to base, and i couldnt stop crying. He kept getting out of his truck to give me another hug. Ive been in my apartment alone for a week today, and I still havent seen my friends or gone grocery shopping. I barely sleep or eat or shower.. Tonight was the last night i get to talk to him for a month because tomorrow he starts a 30 day field op. And after it he gets pre-deployment leave he is spending with his family.. After that its not until October that i will get to see him again. :/ You and i can get through this though. We love our men, they are our heroes, and not every guy can do what they do. All it takes is distraction and support to get through it. :)

I'm sorry you're going through this too. It's really tough ;( but we are strong and we love them and they love us so it's what will help us thru. Along with God being here for us! Hope you are holding up okay..

its hard to be stronger than the strongest man i know. and it didnt help that we had a small argument before he left for 30 days. :/ i keep saying to myself "30 days is a cake walk compared to deployment", which helps for now but deployment is after this thirty days..

I understand it really is hard. I feel like a part of has died having him away. I'm still in shock like I just don't know what to feel right now. And I'm sorry deployment is hard I'm sure. Mine will be shipped out this next Christmas just thinking about it makes me feel sick ;(

the part of you he has hasnt died, its just missing. you gave it to him for a reason, he knows he has it and i know he is trying his best to take care of it. this is my first deployment with him. he will be back before then, so i will be able to help you through yours. :) where is your man now?

You're right and thank you so much! I will be here for you too time will hopefully pass by fast! Mine is stationed in Idaho right now until he deploys. He will be back in six months!

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Idk why the caption looks weird it's supposed to say "in a blink of an eye"