The guy I REALLY REALLY like and I are both in the 11th grade...and I just found out that as soon as he gets out of highschool he is leaving for some college that trains you to be in the army/airforce and then he is leaving for war...I won't see him till I am 26 or 27!!! I am seriously crying because I don't want him to go!! I'm already losing my bestfriend to the military! I don't want to lose him too!!! :''''C
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If your in the 11th grade and he doesn't leave till after highschool you shouldn't stress at all about it. You have way too many other things to look forward to in the next two years. Joining the military isn't a bad thing, and you shouldn't be upset by him wanting to get that experience. A lot of really good opportunities come from it, and if you are together by then and make it through his time in the military, it will make yous even stronger. DO NOT worry about it now. Instead enjoy the next few years you have together. and in the end maybe he might change his mind! Best of luck.

Thanks :')

You will see him again before then. It's 2013. It's not like he has to walk to war. Lol. You're just a little over dramatic about it. My bf is in the AF and its not as bad as you might think.

I just...don't want to have to wait every 6 months to see him...I mean he doesn't even know that I like him right now.
and yea I meant like when he goes to war I'll hardly see him...and I'm not good at long distance stuff...I just don't want him to go :'(

Yours truly, TrappedAbs

Why don't you tell him how you feel about him before he leaves?

I've been considering that...I'm just scared he will say "no I don't like u" then things will get weird between us everytime we hangout...
Yours Truly, TrappedAbs

I think I would prefer that over him leaving and you wishing for the rest of your life that you would have told him.

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