March Is Still Too Far Away!

So I know last time I posted on here I was very over whelmed with this deployment. But here we are 4 months in with only 2 months to go. The expected time that he's saying he'll be back is the first week of march. I cannot wait for the moment when I see him and I get to hug and kiss him again. The feeling is unimaginable. Now that things are getting closer I've been having terrible anxiety. When he gets home we're getting married and moving to NC. Then next month I have to buy a new car. It's so much all at once and I just really hope that I can handle it all. But Dillon keeps telling me to stop worrying so much and that he'll take care of me and we'll figure it all out. I hope everyone is feeling okay today! It is true when people tell you that things get easier <3
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2 Responses Jan 9, 2013

Your not supposed to post any info about deployment ..

I am fully aware of what I can and cannot post. You're not supposed to post locations. I didn't. Therefore I said nothing wrong in this. Thank you!

Im sure saying 2 months was a violation ... And your very welcome ...

i am in the saaaame boat!!! 4 months down 2 to go, my birthday is in march and i will get the best present anyone could ever have!!! when i get sad i just try to think of that moment we see each other. not sure if it makes me feel better, or like i have to puke from nerves haha but anyway, just thought i'd gloat a bit with you, it's a great feeling knowing you're so close to holding them! good luck to both of you, and i am very excited for you!!!

I cant decide if the nerves is going to make me even more sad. I have a 14 hour drive to get down to him! But lucky for us February is the shortest month :p My birthday just passed so that kind of sucked. What branch is he in?