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So last night I was on my twitter page as usual when one if my old friends messages me and told me to look at some girls page. She told me that she was posting things about my boyfriend and blah blah so I went to look and yeah she was really this girl talked to him for about two weeks when we were broken up so I'm already a little uncomfortable but at the same time... Two weeks ? Ya whatever ! But the first thing I saw was her saying "oh Raymond won't be able to write me until Friday (sad face)" I kept scrolling and I saw that she said "my husband texted me I'm so happy" and "I miss my baby" this was on Sunday the day that we talked for at least 2 hours... My old friend told me that she was talking about my boyfriend but I'm deff gonna ask her myself ! Its kinda adding up though sunday he had his phone and she posted it right around the time that he got his phone and how else woukd she know that he cant write until friday ? I got a little well ALOT mad and wrote him an angry letter smh Im waiting until I talk to the girl about it idk she may be lying or something but there's no reason at all for her to be calling my boyfriend her "husband" like I trust him but these girls keep coming out of nowhere this is one reason why on my earlier post I said I don't want him writing other females because they have no respect for our relationship !
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Smh seems like we are all having problems with other females. But, ask her for proof. Tell her to forward text and take pics of the letters he is sending her.

Me and you think exactly alike. Bsck when my man was in basic, he wrote his female friend and I got so upset because 1. the girl doesn't respect our relationship cause his ex is her friend 2. he barely had time to right me or his mama where did he find timr for her. But honestly yes ur evidence seems suspicious, so yes ask the girl, snd if she says yes, write him a semi calm letter, just letting him no that you know, and what does he have to say. tell him how hurt u are. make him feel bad, instead.of angry then he will get defensive

I talked to the girl and she kinda had an attitude about it and said that they had been "talking" and she didn't know he had a girlfriend and blah blah blah other little slick comments that made me even more mad so the angry letter I wrote before I threw that one out and I wrote another one that wasn't so angry just saying that I talked to the girl and my feelings are hurt and all that stuff I just don't understand why he would even put me in this situation because its already hard that he's gone now I have to deal with ratchet females on top of that and my feelings are just EVERYWHERE smh

I just feel like, me personally that you deserve to have all the attention on you. Because you are the one that is "suppose" to be holding him down. But whatever you choose to do is up to you honey

Wait until he gets done with basic because right now he needs to be focus on his training. After basic give him a choice either A you change your ways and get rid of these females or B I am gone and won't come back. But, not to take the girls side but, he probably didnt tell her about you.

Yeah I know he probably didn't tell her or told her only what she wanted to hear that's what made me so mad I had a feeling he was doing something funny because she was a little too confident in what she was saying but when I talked to her she deleted everything she said about him idk what for even if he didn't tell her she must have knew because she follows me on twitter and instagram and im sure she see's everything i post about him but she told me like "oh I figured you would say something to me I was just waiting" soooo if you knew about me why would you keep talking to him ? Stupid ! But I'm not gonna just not say anything about it or just let it go I wrote the letter to him and told him what I knew and how hurt I am but I also told him that I would still be here for him to support his regardless of all that because even before our relationship we are friends too I would never give up on my friend but I'm not ok with other females having his attention AT ALL ! That's not in no type of way acceptable

Yea definitly don't wait until after basic to express your feelings because that builds resentment. you don't want to suppress your feelings waitinh till he gets out of basic to know what's going on. but I'm glad that you handle that in a nice way. but don't put too much weight on the female because he allowed it to happen

Right, that's not fair to just hold it in plus I can't even pretend everything is ok if it's not. Im not gonna be all hard on him or going crazy about it lol I do consider what he's going through and how hard it can be for him and everything but he knows if something's not right I'm definitely speaking on it to get it out the way and for the girl I'm just gonna stop thinking about her because you're right a person can only do what you allow them to do so of course I'm not a dummy lol it's not all her fault he allowed it to happen so yeah we definitely have to get this resolved

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