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Im 20 years old and my boyfriend is leaving in April for the army.. I just wondered if any one has any tips for me with what to expect? Thanks x
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Get yourself a routine and stick with it! Also, get a t shirt of his make sure he wore it a couple days and keep it in bed with you so you can sleep. Write him a lot but keep the letter light and lovey. Don't stress him out while he's away because he needs to be focused. And take pride in knowing he's bettering himself. When my husband was at basic I got some advice from an older army wife and I've been waiting to give it to someone else. "Remember soldiers don't fight because they hate who is in front of them, they fight because they love who is behind him, so just love him like he deploys tomorrow and everything will be fine" hope that helps you. Welcome to the oldest sorority on earth its called, army wife.

Thankyou very much. This has helped a lot x

basic training?? everyones experience is different. it all matters on how mentally strong you are and how well your relationship is going. its difficult. i did research on what to expect for months and when it came time for everything to go down i was not prepared at all. it really isnt easy. the letters are going to mean the world to you whenever they come in ( depends on how far he is and wether or not his ds's are jerks or not), and the few phone calls ( very few) will not be very long. but all in all ya'll will come out stronger and even more in love every time he comes home to you :) good luck and welcome :) message me if you ever have some questions or wanna talk :)

Yes basic training. What is your partner in? Thank you this has helped. :)

Army. you're welcome. Yours? what fort is he at?

Winchester yours?

at the moment fort bragg but he goes back to fort benning in a couple of months or so.

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