I Can't Stop Crying

My boyfriend left for basic two days ago. I haven't been able to speak with him. I can't stop crying I can't eat or sleep. I miss him so much. I wear his clothes to bed wrap myself in his jacket and watch his favorite movies which I used to hate and fall asleep on. what makes it worst is his mom won't even return any of my texted or phone calls. I just want to know he's safe or if she has heard anything. I'm so sad.
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my man left on the 7th, so im dealing with the first few days after him leaving as well. I get so sad sometimes and cry myself to sleep, but then I have to force myself to remember that he is doing this to better his own future as well as mine and that this is something that is making him happy and if he is happy, then I'm happy! Also, even though we can't be together for such a long time now, after he gets back, we will be able to be together again and that will make it all worth it in the end. Where is your man stationed?

Missouri, I been doing a little better but every now and then I'll just break down in tears. He is my best friend. you know how people say you don't appreciate something til it's gone. yeah. it's hitting home. whenever I think about our memories and all our good times I smile. then get upset when I think about our petty arguments. they were just a waste of time. even though we always, made up I just feel like I should have been a little nicer being that time is limited. I never want to waste our time arguing again. but I know that s prob impossible.

I know exactly how you feel. The day my boyfriend left, we had eggo waffles for breakfast (he loves them) and when I came home I went to put something in the freezer and I saw the box of eggo waffles and started balling my eyes out. Totally ridiculous haha Its the small things that I am appreciating the most and the little memories of things we did together and I feel the same about the arguments. Before my bf left, he thought that if he annoyed me alot then I wouldn't miss him as much, he even told me thats what he was trying to do! Absurd! I don't think that anything ever goes exactly how you want it to, but you just have to make the best of what you do have, and thats what I am trying to do which I think gives me some sort of strength to go through this!

lol are you kidding my man did the same. and because of the same reason wow.... they really think weird. how long has it been since you heard anything

yeah, guys are really strange, i always try to watch romcoms with him and see if he will learn something small and cute but i think they take away the wrong parts of it...hahaha and he left the 7th so its only been a few days, but it feels like forever!

its ok babygirl, dont get too upset, he's in the military not dead. but try to take your mind off of things by doing activities with other friends, and focus on the here and now.

it does kind of feel like that sometimes though because he has been completely removed from everything, its so weird! And I am trying, it just takes me a while to get used to things, but I think that it will be a little better when I go back to school because then I will be super busy!

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oh girl, I have military background in my family, he's fine, just being trained and from my understanding you will see him when gets out of basic because I believe they come home afterwards for a little while and then they are sent out to school for their job and then stationed. eventually he will write you a letter, as long as he knows your address you should be fine.

yes after basic I can see him but he said after graduation he will go straight to school. idk for sure if that's true then again he doesn't even know. he just knows he signed up and I just know he's gone. I know he will write me. it's weird without him being here. not knowing what's going on. I keep calling his phone which goes to voicemail. I know it's going to go to voice mail and I still call. something is wrong with me.

thanks for your insight

nothings wrong with you...ur just in love and u miss him!

Unfortunately no they dont come home after basic, :( you can GO see them graduation but then they go to job training.

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awww don't be sad. I gurantee you he is perfectly safe! But the first few weeks of basic the commanders and sergeants are really strict. He basically has to earn the privelage to make phone calls or to even write you a letter! You might not hear from him depending on who his commander is.Stay strong and just try to keep busy, I know it's hard but it will get better:)

thank you I really appreciate that.