I Got His First Couple Letters Today!

He sent me three, there's no return address though.
He's still in processing, and should have his address by saturday.
I'm so happy, when I read them it's like I could hear his voice. I miss him so much.
Yesterday was our 9 month anniversary, and it was so hard because we didn't spend it together.

So proud of my Private<3
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3 Responses Jan 10, 2013

Congrats! I can't wait to hear from mine! Reading your story made me get kind of excited to get letters from mine! I miss him so much and I just want to hear from him! haha

It put such a huge smile on my face, being patient really pays off. I really needed that pick me up too, it was so great to hear from him.
I hope you hear from your man soon!
keep your head up!

thanks girl! :)

give it about a week! My boyfriend left for basic on the 1st and it takes about a week for the letters to get here. (:
keep your head up, it gets easier! <3

awhh you are so lucky. I can't wait to hear from my boyfriend.