I'm So Relived! I Heard From Him!

My ArmyBoy just call me! I know it's only been two day but God it bought me to tears just hearing his voice. I missed him so much. He told me that they set him back on basic and poor baby, he's defiantly restless. :( He reassured me that he's okay, and that he loves me so much.. it made me cry. This boy must really love me if he risked calling me (instead of calling his mom) and talking to me for a good 20 minutes knowing he could have got his phone taken. God I just want basic over and done with! I gotta say getting sick right after he leaves does not help the stress or the mood. He starts basic next week and that is when our journey will begin. I pray God keeps him safe.

tiffval14 tiffval14
18-21, F
Jan 10, 2013