I Missed The Freaking Call !!!!!!!

I stayed up all night until about 8:30am idk why I just couldn't get any sleep its now 9:43am I woke up and had 3 missed calls from my guy from 8:50-8:51-8:53 so I just missed him all those times he tried to call smh Im pretty sure he's calling to say hes either leaving reception or calling to say he made it to actual bootcamp but idk idk idk because I was sleeping and I missed the phone call ! I just wanna cry so bad idk if he's gonna be able to call again I've been waiting on him to call me I can't believe I missed that freaking call
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is this the first time he's contacted you by phone?

No he called when when he made it to reception and called last Sunday and then this morning so this would be the third call I've got from him

Had the same thing happen to me on Thanksgiving. I was sooo upset. Especially because he didn't get thru to his family either.. My boyfriend gets 3 calls. One for every phase he goes through at basic. & if they qualify high in anything they usually get a phone privilege. Keep your head up!

It's like the most horrible feeling especially since I haven't talked to him in so long and I've been having problems that I needed to talk to him about and he didnt call his brother and i dont think his mom answered now I guess I'll just have to wait to talk to him idk when that will be but thank you so much I'll try

I know :( Maybe in your letters try telling him some of the things your having trouble with. They say you shouldn't make them worried tho, so usually when I have a problem and tell him about it in a letter I'll assure him that I'm ok, and just wish I had him with me. That's one thing you learn to do, face things on your own. Just don't beat yourself up over it, it will eat you alive worrying. Plus, basic flies by. He'll be graduating in no time!

Don't beat yourself up over it its guaranteed you'll probably miss more calls but the ones you do answer just them even more memorable to make up for the missed ones. Trust me he isnt thinking the worst so neither should you. just calm down and next time you get in touch with him tell him why you missed his call he'll understand and probably laugh it off.

Mainly I've just been wanting to talk to him so bad and I don't think his mom got his call either and he didn't call his brother I just feel bad I know I can't help my sleep really but I wanted to talk to him :(

You'll be able to talk to him just hang in there.