I Am A Military Girlfriend..

I am a miltiary girlfriend and I stand by my troop all the way no matter the distance and no matter the time period. We have been together almost 2 months but we have been talking for almost 5 months. He got deployed on Jan 5 2013 to South Korea, and he will be gone until Jan 13, 2014. Which he has 366 days remaining until he is safely back in my arms. People ask me how can you wait a year for someone that you have only been dating awhile and I tell them if you truly love someone you will wait a lifetime if you have to, to be with that person you love and I truly do love him with my whole heart. The day we dropped him off at the airport and tears streaming down mine and his face was the worst day in my life because it was so hard to let him go but I knew that he was going and serving our country. He has been over there for almost a week now and the days seem like they are passing by so slow. But I pray and I know that God has his arms wrapped around my man and is going to bring him home safely. Even there is going to be some hard days and days I feel like crying my eyes out and I know I have the memories and pictures to look on and think of all the memories that we will make once he gets home again. I am so happy that God placed a man in my life like him and I give me someone that loves me for me and accepts me in and out.
lovemy2id2013 lovemy2id2013
Jan 11, 2013