It's Always The Hardest At Night..

He called me today, it was only 20 seconds, but it was enough for him to tell me he loved me. he was going off to training and only had a few seconds, for some reason though it broke my heart. normally it makes me so happy to hear from him, but today I was just sad. I miss him so much, and since he left for basic I haven't been able to get a good nights sleep. (as I sit here and write this at 2:30 in the morning) I wrote him a letter though, I just can't wait until I get his address, so I can send all these letters to him. I had to tape the first envelope shut because I couldn't close it lol.

My friend and I went shopping, and it was the first time I've actually gone out since he left. It felt really good to get out of the house and spend time with her, but I still wanted it to be Daniel. I saw couples all over the place, walking hand in hand, hugging and kissing and I got so jealous. I miss him so damn much, and tonight it just seems to be a HUGE empty space. bigger that what it normally feels like, I bought a camo bookbag for school though(: but I think it stemmed from seeing a soldier in uniform at target. Lexi tried to get me not to notice, but it was to late. I just wanted to cry, I miss my private.

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I completely understand! My man has been in the army for 3 years and has another 3 to go. we have been dating about 7 months but he left for Ranger training in South Carolina in 8/2012 and he was gone for 11 weeks. I wrote him letters daily! by the time I got the first letter from him...he had been gone for 13 days. NO CALLS OR ANYTHING for 13 days after talking every minute of everyday. it was rough but in the letters (which will melt your heart by the way) he only talked about how much he loved me and how me being strong at home was giving him strength to continue training.
after he graduated from ranger training he went straight to virginia for additional training and came home in 12/2012! I have never been so excited to wait at the airport!
But I remember my first phone call from him at ranger training. i saw the name on caller id and thought it was a joke. he had earned a phone call- i was so in shock i could barely talk all i said was that i love you and miss you and im proud of you and everything youre doing. you are my world...
long long long story short.. when you are feeling sad there are always people here that you can talk to.
my recent addition is going on pinterest and finding cute military couple pictures. once my man gets home we're taking pictures just like that!! oh and they have some of the cutest stuff you can get online that say "army girlfriend" or :military girlfriend". when you are bored you should look them up! its awesome!
if you need anything just let me know!! hope this helped a little

thanks, I appreciate it a lot. I've gotten so much support on this site since i found it and it helps SO much. I've gotten six letters so far, but they were all sent while he was still in reception, so there was no address. but he should be getting it within a week or so because he just started actual training yesterday. I can't wait for him to call me with the address. I miss his voice.

I know EXACTLY what you feel. The day my guy told me that he was going to basic, my heart had mixed emotions, because this is what he's always wanted and that we were gonna be far away from each other for a while. It helps to keep yourself busy most of the time. And yeah, whenever I see my friends and their boyfriends, I get hit with a major jealousy wave. Hang in there! It'll get easier after basic when he's at job training!
I wish you the best of luck !!

He's been gone almost two weeks now, and it's still so hard. I start my classes again on Monday so I know that's going to help a lot.

Thank you(:
I wish you the same<3

I get so jealous when I see couples too haha. My Marine is all "I wish those were us", I'm more like "those idiots" haha


lol right?
before he left i'm like uh, can they maybe not eat eachothers faces off in public? haha but now it's like oh.. i miss him so much.

PS. it is always the hardest at night.. =/

As i read this i seriously wondered if this was a story i had written. I know how you feel, it does get easier as time goes on, and you'll find it to be really romantic writing letters back and forth. I took me about two weeks to get his address and 3 to get a letter if you wondered. Anyways, if you need someone to talk to feel free to message me

thanks (:

Yeah I've gotten about six letters within the last couple days, they don't have a return address though, because he was still in reception. He said he'd call me once he gets the address, so I've been waiting by the phone constantly lol. It never leaves my side. It's really funny though, because whenever I feel like it's completely unbearable, I get his letters that day.

well you're lucky cause in the navy bootcamp they can only send you a letter once a week