Okay, he was only home for not even two days and he has left again.
Out of selfishness I don't want to read anyones stories tonight. It just makes me feel worse right now..
The first night is always the hardest. But when we first got together he said he'd hardly be gone. He's been gone more in the last year than he has in his entire career in the Military, includes training!

I see a lot of reoccurring titles.....and I agree
it is hardest at night
when you're alone and vulnurable and the space beside you is empty and cold
I hope he even comes home early....I hate when he leaves, him coming home over the weekend was a miracle however it only seemed to make it worse.
I was strong the first week, even enjoyed myself a bit
but this week hasn't even started and i'm feeling a little anxiety.
I'm's never a good time for them to leave I guess...

Trying to keep my chin up, going to crawl into bed and wish him home into my arms again....Sleep is the only place it doesn't hurt to breathe right now.
JillyBaby JillyBaby
18-21, F
Jan 13, 2013