I Miss Him

Since I've missed his call I still haven't heard from him it's only been 3 days since he left reception and started basic training but 3 long days I've been checking my phone every minute second milisecond and mailbox every single day I'm getting you frustrated waiting to hear from him I can't even cry anymore no matter how bad i want to I just get the awkward butterfly feeling in my stomach he did tell me last Sunday that he wouldn't be able to write for two weeks but when I read other people's stories I get so sad because they're getting letters and texts and phone calls it just depresses me so much I wanna talk to him so bad !!!!! I start classes tomorrow so maybe that will get this off my mind and keep me a little busy idk I'm always gonna be thinking about him always gonna be checking my phone wondering if he's gonna call me or text me I really hate this I just wish he was home :(
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Oh when you do get his first letter that is when you will get his address. Write as soon as you get it... Write him everyday. But, note it takes two weeks from the day he finished reception to start receiving your letters. So, don't freak out if you get a letter saying he hasn't gotten any letters because he will get them eventually.

When my fiancé was in basic it took two weeks to get my first letter and a month to get a phone call. During the whole entire time I got 3 phone calls which actually one he snuck in lol. But, they have three phases red white and blue. That determines when they get to call. Also, phone calls are based on their behavior. Unfortunately, my fiances platoon was full of bad ***** so they only got to call home twice.

Ok this just made my day lol I'm just gonna be a little patient I was starting to freak ouuuut lol I've written at least 13 letters already so he'll definitely be getting a ton when this two weeks is up, thank you so much for the information I was so lost and confused like its good to know what's going on so thank you I hope that he will get to call a lot of girls say their boyfriends call them every Sunday after the two weeks I hope it's like that for me too !

Oh your welcome :) but, hopefully your boyfriends platoon are a bunch of good boys unlike my fiances platoon lol but, if you have any more questions just message me and ill try and help you.

Ok well I'll be in touch thanks again :)

Phone should always be in sight! But a text or phone call might depend on his mos. my bf only called Sundays but wrote whenever he could. They keep these guys super busy!! At the beg there's barely enough time for them to sleep. Relax sweetheart. Have a good day at school

Thank you so much I needed to hear that

you're welcome :) messahe me if you ever need to talk