Army Wives

Today I started watching Army Wives on Netflix. I thought that itd give me comfort like this forum has. But it hasnt. Its made me cry all day, because its brought to light all of my worries and fears.
I am not an Army wife, or even a girlfriend. I am a Marine's girlfriend. But I believe we are all in the same boat no matter what branch of the military our men our in. We all have to go through the same pain, the same worries, and frustration.
How do we do it? How do they do it?? How do any of us survive this every day? They said something on the show that encouraged me, they said: our men arent the only ones who serve but their families do too. Significant others, sons, daughters, mothers and fathers. We have to be just as strong as them. We are the reason they have the strength to do what they do. And together we are what protects our freedom.
So, thank you. Thank you to everyone who has served or are serving in the military, and all the families in the same boat I am supporting the ones who are. Its a tough job, but someone has to do it.
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I watched the show too while my Marine was on deployment, I did it to **** him off a bit haha since I always joke with him on how the Army is better (that makes him super "funny" mad). I was like: baby as soon as the Marine's has the "Marine's Wive" I will watch it, in the meantime...haha

Surprisingly, it didn't scared me that much but it helped me to learn about the military and the difference between branches. You will be amazed with all you can learn from it. So, I asked him about stuff and he would explain to me more in depth (and he was happy to). So, take it as an opportunity to share things with him.

I agree with journey2peace, you get addicted to it! And the weird thing is that I didn't want to watch the show before I came in the relationship with my Marine; I think you really have to be living it to like it or feel related to it :)