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I've been feeling really down lately, missing my man a lot. He hasn't been gone all that long, and in some ways, I guess that I am kind of lucky that I have been without him less than some other people, if that makes sense...It is just so hard to go from being with someone all the time, everyday and then having them completely removed from my life. Some of my roommates have noticed that I have been down, and they try to offer advice, but at the same time, they do not really understand and when I try to talk to them about specifics, they look at me like I have three heads (military is its own language as I am sure all of you know).

I go to check the mail box everyday trying to remain hopeful, but I just end up disappointed. But the next day I go back to check again with the same hope just in case something might be there. I just want to hear from him so I know that everything is alright and that he still loves me and misses me as much as I miss him. I just want to know that I am not alone in this, being that he is one half of this relationship, I am feeling very lonely, and really sad...

I guess what I am looking for is maybe some encouragement. It is so hard to stay strong when my main support system is not hear to support me. I am trying to stay busy by going to the gym everyday, reading, doing homework, trying to stay social and things like hat, but no matter what I do, nothing seems to work, and I just feel hopeless. :/
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Don't worry it gets better! I was feeling the same way until last night when I got my first phone call. He got 15 minutes. I feel so much better after just knowing he is there and still loves me. He is thinking about you just as much as you are thinking about him. You are what is going to help him get through these tough weeks! Keep writing letters everyday. My boyfriend said that is the best thing ever. He told me they are so crazy busy and won't have time to write back until the 4th week probably once they get into a routine. Just take it day by day and once you get to hear his voice you will feel so much better. Try to look forward to that!

thanks girl, I just want to get my call if I can get one at all, i just need to hear his voice and have him reassure me of everything. we have been together for over a year but I still worry i guess, where is your man stationed and when did he get there?

He is in basic training for the Air Force in Texas right now. He will find out soon where he gets permenantley stationed. How about you? Where is your man?

mine is in the army national guard at fort benning, i know a few people who have been through that, and my cousin is there finishing up now! :)

Stay strong sweetheart dont forget im here for you!(: I know it may seem hard but trust me it will get so much easier but you will have your up and down days as i have to had them! Steve doesnt get shipped to basic till the 28th now cuase he failed his hearing test cause he has a fake ear drum); but i reallized now i can go to my prom and just look at the upside on what you can do when he is gone that you always wanted to do! It helps trust me!(: LEt me know if you need anything at all!

so what is he going to do to get in if he has hearing troubles? and I am going away for spring break, but I feel bad that I won't have him with me or if he writes, I am not going to get it unitl I come home. so, maybe I think that I should write him a bunch of letters and he can read one a day so he still has something, but still...

Well he got in he told me a couple days ago. He had to take a special hearing test with a specialist and she passed him so now he leaves for boot camp in almost a week i think! But thats a good idea! I'm going to try to go down to Florida for Spring break if i can get the money together!

well thats good that he was able to do that, and yeah, ughhh its just a weird thing, because even though he is not really here, I feel like i'd be leaving him if I went away for spring break

I know same here but I'm going to talk to him about it and see what he says about it. Cause i would be taking a road trip to Florida with a couple friends, its like a country road tripp cause we are all hicks and were going back down to the south hahaa that how we are! But it would be iwht mostly some of my best guy friends that the problem:p i just wish he came with);

haha don't worry, my town is full of farms, we only have one stop light....its a super small town full of hicks, nothing beats a country girl! loll

Amen to that girl! I have two horses that keep me occupied but i recently got into a horse back riding accident and now i am on crutches with a possible torn ACL which will need surgery and steve isn't here so it will be so hard); but ya know were all country girls and everyone knows how strong we all are(:

That sucks so much! I am sorry, I hope you get better! I've been riding a few times, but couldn't afford lessons or to have my own, but I have friends that have let me ride or friends that work in stables and I hang out and shovel and sweep just so I can be around the horses sometimes lol

I love it if you live in NJ i would say come up and ride anytime it gets boring when your all by yourself:p

you are from jersey?


me too! lol

Really I'm up north in Wantage where do you live!?

near hackettstown lol thats north western, ive never heard of wantage lol

lol its ok!(:

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