The First Time

I have been going out with my boyfriend for just under a year now, in about 2 months we will be celebrating our first year together. He has always told me that he was joining the army but then he actually did and although I don't like it, I'm willing to support him no matter what. He went away for the first time a week ago for training and I'm finding it incredibly difficult as I'm use to talking to him every day. Does any one have any tips about how to get through this? I didn't think it would be so hard :(
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I agree with the others. Mine is overseas for 14 months straight and it sucks. The thing is, one of the reasons he is strong is because of you. Support is what they need and I know all you want to do is tell them how much you miss him, etc. Its okay to tell him that but you need to be strong for him. Being a girlfriend I found is hard because you dont have the ring to prove it. haha! But I keep myself busy. I work full time, Live really close to my family, have some great friends who keep me busy, and went back to school for my master's degree. This way I dont have much downtime to worry and fret and realize how much I miss him. I know this i hard but you do get used to it. I promise. He has been gone over 3 months and I am doing much better now. You really just have be supportive. Knowing I have to be strong makes me strong becuase I know that I can do anything for him and will do it. Good luck hun!

Hey girl. I agree with diaryofamilitarygirlfriend. It's gonna be hard. I didn't expect it to be so difficult either. My guy is in Korea for a year. He's been there for two weeks now and I can't express how difficult it's been. I miss him as you miss your guy. It's tough. Being able to talk to him everyday and then one day you just can't. Time differences, training exercises, work load, and schedules all make it hard to deal with. And the only advice I was given that works well is distract yourself. It doesn't mean you shouldn't think about him but have other things to do. It's easier when you have something to get you out of a funk when you miss him too much. I get on experience project a lot and read stories from people who are dealing with much worse or more difficult and it helps put things in perspective. But hang in there. You love the guy and even if you didn't think it would be this hard, it is. But you love him and you'll make it alright. It might be the toughest test you face in this relationship.
How long will he be gone?

hey,so i have been with my boyfriend for 7 months 'officially' he was alredy in the Army so I thought I knew what i was getting myself into...No way did I at all!
I will be very blunt with you, its hard, its So hard!
Plans will get broken, they will not happen!I had so much booked for end of Feb his birthday, Valentines day, a party etc
My boyfriend is going on tour to Aghanistan in May, so i was trying to get my head around that now he tells me he wont be coming home next weekend no contact with him next week as he is living in a field!! Then to top that off he is going away for 3 Weeks end of Feb, which means plans are cancelled..I was so upset, not with him but the Army who will always control their soldiers!
Remember the Army will always win,you can either chose to support him and try to accept the sudden changes and absenses that you Will have to cope with, or you can choose to move on and find someone else who will always be there.
One thing I will say is although he is away for a long period of time, at least you are with your friends and fanily, he is just with his collegues and away from home.You mus think how He feels in this situation and he may not show it but he feels bad too. It will be difficult and youmust decide whether you can cope with it, if you can make an effort to stay busy your mind aswell so you are not constantly thinking about him.I hope it goes well for you