Never Thought I Would Ever Be Here...

I am a recent military girlfriend and I find myself with many doubts. While we knew one another casually for two years we are now working around a long distance relationship. The best part is he's crazy about me but I'm not sure what I'm getting myself into. Any advice? Anyone?
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We are 3 years in and I am not sure I still know what I am in for, lol. Seriously, though, dating a military man is challenging and confusing, yet also honorable and a beautfil love story if the two of you remain strong, dedicated and continue to love each other with all of your hearts.

I feel like he's the one. We communicate and he's not afraid to tell me exactly how he feels about me. I know this relationship will be worth it but the logical side of me is all kinds of worried. He's stationed 1200 miles away right now until he graduates. Then, we have no idea where he'll end up next. We love each other, that's clear and I'm doing all I can to support him but I have to admit I'm navigating foreign waters here.

I don't think this is easy for any of us, but in some ways, that is what makes it beautiful. I wish you both the best. My fiance (we got engaged!) tells me all the time when this gets too hard for us, "we can never give up, because if we can make it through this, we can make it through anything!"

I dont know yet but I understand where you are coming from. I am in the same boat but a little different. He is a contractor with the Department of Defense and is re-up in the army when he gets back, but its basically military, only a little worse becuase he is deployed for 14 months straight. Mine will be back in November and honestly its been hard but okay. I am getting through it and done alot of research on military life etc. It is really hard to have him leave close to the beginning of the relationship. Everything is new and dont really know yet. We were lucky in the fact we knew we found our other half, but if I didn't have that reassurance, it would be really hard! I hope that you figure it out!