Guam Is Getting Closer

With June steadily approaching, my mind has been all over the place. I want nothing more than to be with my man, but my family is all trying to get me to stay home. Of course I have my reservations about going, who wouldn't with such a big move, but this is to good of an opportunity to pass up. It's beginning to get stressful on my end though, because of all the pulling back and forth. Not only do I have to deal with that but I am looking at everything we have to do for this move. I have been looking for houses, researching neighborhoods, trying to figure out how hard this is all going to be. This would all be easier if we were married, but since we are not i have a lot of planning to do :(. I wish I knew more about the military spouse lifestyle , but I am just rolling with the punches as they are thrown for now. If there is anyone out there who can relate to my situation, or that has any insight that may help me make my decision, please feel free to comment.
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This is a great post since I’m in your same situation. Me and my Marine had the “who is moving where” talk and well, it has to be me and we are not married.

My question to you is: how the heck are you doing it? I mean, you can’t just move to Guam without a residence permit; are you going to be travelling back and forward? What ever you are doing I’ll do!


Hey! My names Kathleen and I almost had to go through what you are going through. My boyfriend was up to be restationed in December. Korea was the #1 place he said he might have to go and we were so lucky and he was only stationed 2 hours from my house. But what I took from it was... If you love your man(which i can tell you do because you are thinking about moving around the world for and with him) this journey is going to be one you both look back on 5-10 years from now and realize how strong your relationship was to take such a leap and not be married! More power to you! I hope you do what your heart feels is right. Your family is probably just confused because they don't want to see you leave everything you know.. But if you know you love him... Go for it!
Keep me updated if you want and let me know how it goes!!!
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