Surriving... Barely

So I am the girlfriend of an ex-army now Departement of Defense contractor who is going to re-up in the army when he is done with this deployment. Working for the DOD is basically military without some perks and with some other ones. haha! He is currently deployed till next Novemer. It will be between 13 to 14 months with no leave, down side of not being in the army... And I am having a really a hard time with that. So I am about 3 months in and got 10 or so left. How does anyone else handle it. I do not have any military in my family so no one seems to understand. My mother compared him being in Iraq in danger, seriously being shot at, living in a shackish thing, freezing, etc for over a year with only way to talk to me is through fb chat to my dad being gone for a 3 week stint to Indy for work, when they orginally thought that it was only gonna be a couple of days. I am lucky that i get to do that almost everyday, usually twice a day (lukcy part of being contractor this time). But I feel like becuase he is not actual military even though he works right beside them and wears all the same stuff, that I am really alone. I am not technically military since he got asked to be honorably discharged to do this job and has been doing this for a little bit . So therefore I have not have not met any girlfriends, wives, etc to support each other and poeple dont seem to understand. I feel stupid talking about him but he is my life and no one really knows him and obviously don't know him like I do. So I feel bad venting and know I am boring them and annoying them but I just want to talk about him becuase it makes me feel better... How do you get through this. This is my first deployment and with him re-upping when he gets back becuase this job they gave him will be up, it wont be the last. Eventually I will get better but this 3 month hump is getting to me.... Thank you!
kdonovan87 kdonovan87
Jan 17, 2013