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My wonderful boyfriend of over three years left five days ago for Basic. I'm lonely, sad, depressed, and I can hardly sleep or eat. I never knew that one simple event could impact me so much. I have not went one day without talking to him since I was 16 years old. He is my best friend. Everyone says time will fly by but the past two days have literally been the slowest days of my life. I haven't gotten his address yet but I have already written three letters! I cant wait to send them and then hear back from him! Id give anything to hear his voice or feel his touch. I even miss the arguments! I know what he is doing is only going to better his life, and one day OUR lives but for the time being, it hurts so much right now. I feel like no one understands and the next 8 weeks will never come. In my letters I write how proud of him I am and how strong I am being for him but really I am shattering. I love him with all my heart and I pray for him every night. I hope he has made friends, adjusted, yet still thinks of me everyday because I think of him often. I am new to this and I know that it will be difficult. The wait is worse but its so worth it. He's my everything. I love my Airman <3
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I know exactly how you're feeling! The first week my airman was gone I legitimately could not function. I couldn't eat, I could barely sleep, I couldn't think, I couldn't even spend time at my own home because my memories of us were filled in it. Just make sure you keep busy with your friends, family, work, school, whatever it takes. And write him often! My airman asked me to write him more often 2 weeks ago and since then I've written him every day. You'll come to realize that writing helps you just as much as it does him! Also keep in mind that when he left, he decided to stay with you. That's HUGE! Don't ever forget he chose you, even though he knew it would be difficult. Stay strong.

Thanks! The positive encouragement helps! I still cant sleep hardly but Im keeping busy with work and FINALLY days are going faster! Heading into week #2! My bf told me NOT to write him everyday before he left but im stubborn and ive done it anyway lol Im sure hes changed his mind though. Ive got no letter or phone call yet and IM DYING FOR A CALL!!!! I just need to know hes okay! But youre right, it really does help me to write him every night and tell him about me day! Its like im talking to him and know hes reading them so I feel like hes not missing anything that's happening. Work is keeping me busy and I have even convinced my managers to let me keep my phone on me so I don't miss that call! Itd be the worst thing EVER! Im very happy that he has chose me to go on this military ride with him but it is hard for sure! But in every letter I am sure to add how proud I am of him, I miss him, love him, and cant wait to see him! Then I count down the days! 52 days! (and counting) Its getting a little easier but Im so ready to see him!

Trust me, your boyfriend is going to be sooooooooooo thankful that you write him every day! Mine didn't want me to either but definitely changed his mind after the first week. The phone will come but! be prepared for it to be short &amp; for him to sound really distraught. It was kind of traumatizing for me when he first called because he was crying; don't forget it's such a huge change for them. But I pinky promise it WILL get easier. That isn't to say that every day will be a piece of cake but you'll begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You are such a strong person! Just keep it up!

Hey It'll be okay, I promise, I'm going on 3 weeks of him being gone this Monday. It gets better, it's hard but I promise you, letters are the best thing to do (even thou I don't have his address, which is driving me insane!). I know you probably get lonely without him because every night it happens to me. But just focus on the greater outcome! I'm sure when he gets out he's gonna love you more then ever. Be strong! If you need someone to keep you company I'm here and willing to talk. (: smile! he's safe and sound <3

I JUST got his address and already have five letters to send! I haven't gotten a phone call yet and my worst fear will be missing it while I am at work. I am hoping that after this first week (which has been VERY slow) that it will speed up. School and work are very hard to focus on without him being around. He's my motivator! I can't wait for letters from him just to see him say he misses me! But thank you so much! And good luck to you!

Your very lucky to have been able to receive his address! I'm still waiting for my ArmyBoy's. Nothing yet! and I have at least 10 letters to send... (I have a thing for writing..) But I do understand the working and school, and being busy that if he were to call you might miss it, I worry about that everyday. But I do believe that if he were to call it would be sometime on the weekend. I think they would be far to busy to try and call during a weekday. I will say it's hard focusing on school without him here too... my boyfriend has been my motivator since day one.. and right now I'm learning to be independent again. I guess you could say you gotta start learning how to be that way if you plan on sticking with him... because of what the military will require of him. Leaving, and deployment and things like that. All us girls got to stick together and remember we all have one thing in common. sticking together because we have military man that are brave to serve for our country. And I agree on letters. I just can't can't wait for my first one! I think I might cry! lol. But no problem!

I am hoping for my first phone call tomorrow! They said that more than likely they will be on sundays! They got to call to tell their address but it was scripted so he called his parents and left a voicemail. So itd make my entire week if I could just hear his voice tomorrow! I know the army is harder so I am glad he is in the Airforce! But with his job he is always going to be on planes which scares me a lot! He knows I support him and will stick by him no matter what but I def wish it was sooner! I missed the mail today so I have to wait until Tuesday to send him the six letters I have! lol because Monday is a holiday. I write him everyday just to tell him about my day even though I know he want be able to reply back. The waiting is killing me but I feel like once I hear his voice and know he is ok, I wil feel better!

Awe, see they told us the same thing! That if they'd call it would be on Sunday's! SO! I cross my fingers!! And pray to god we'll hear from them! It would make me feel so much better to hear his voice. Lol I guess the army is a bit harder, I heard AirForce is strict, I'm not sure! Awe he'll be fine on the planes I'm sure :) Yeah, my boy knows I'm here for the long run. And I'm not going anywhere, no matter the distance I'll still love him. I keep hoping I'll get his letter soon. It'll make me happy.. seeing how much he loves me. I too write him everyday, sometime, it's almost like I'm talking to him... because I just feel like I know what my boyfriend would say to half my comments.

I feel the EXACT same way! lol I know exactly what he'll be thinking when he reads them and I know they will make him smile! It makes me happy to know he at least will know how my days are going if anything! Its like I am still being able to talk to my best friend just in a different matter! I am going to save all his letters and ill be like a little kid when I receive them! Cant wait til his graduation!

lol Yes, it's amazing how close we get and how well we know our guys. I will say, talking about this with girls like me that are going through the something help, it makes me feel like I'm not alone, and I'm so grateful for that. Ahhh! I can't wait to get letters!!! lol Or till Graduation! Just to wrap him up in my arms and be with him once again. !! Lol :)

I feel like a little school girl when I talk about him lol but Im soooooo in love with him!!! And even this hard time cant break us! I just hope that hes adjusting well and doing everything they are asking of him! It is so great to talk to someone who understands cause everybody else just says "you will be ok..he will be ok... it will go by fast" BLAH BLAH BLAH! They don't understand cause either they aren't in a relationship or they have their boyfriend with them everyday! lol I cant wait to see him in his uniform and show him off to others ;)

Awee Me too!!! I get sooooo happy just talking about him! and explaining things! I just turn into this giddy girl that giggles just thinking about him. I totally agree even a time like this would keep us apart. I'll always be running back to him. Ugh, although, I just hate those time when everyone try to be understanding about it, but just don't understand, an like you said their either they are single and think they know everything, or they have a boyfriend and just don't understand what it's like being apart from the one you love. lol but I defiantly agree! I can't wait to see him in his BDU &amp; ACU and show him off... and show that no distance can break us, yet it makes us stronger.

I love talking about him and our relationship because it makes it easier! I just don't want him to forget me! ha I know that sounds silly and its only two months but to go from seeing each other everyday to two months, its forever! lol Im still deciding if I should send him pictures or not.. I just don't want the MTIs to pick at him or anything like that lol

See I thought I was the only one who felt like when I talk about him it makes me feel better and makes it a bit easier on me. Sweetie, your not the only one who feels that way, it's only two months, but going from talking everyday all the time, too nothing, is tough, and It makes you wonder, and hope that they don't forget all the good time and memories you've made together, or you in general. Its feels like forever, but it'll go by fast, hopefully!! Yeah, I was thinking the same on pictures, I want to send him some so he has something to see everyday and remember me. But I don't want the drill sergeants to grill him or pick on him for it. Because I know they do pick on them.

Oh yea! They said to refrain from sending anything that may get them picked on or yelled at! Cause they want to do all they can to embarrass them lol We also have a puppy together (hes a daddys boy :)) so id love to send him pictures of him as well. I know that they change them to the point where they are following every rule and like a drill sergeant! So they are going to be use to doing the same thing for two months as well as listening to the same people. I just don't want them to change who HE is lol I want my boyfriend to stay the same because I love him just the way he is (unless this changes his view on marriage ;)) So that's another fear of mine lol is that when I see him again, he want be same guy I said goodbye to last week

Lol ! Yeah I don't think I want to make it any harder then it has to be lol, and Awe a puppy!!!! How adorable :) I will say, I'm afraid, I heard that after basic, some of them change, they become for strict and different some how, and I don't want that to happen to my boyfriend, I still wanna see him as who he was before he left, because that's who I've fallen in love with. I guess we just gotta wait and see what happens and hope for the best.

I agree. But also, I've heard that it just takes them a little while to adjust to bein able to do what they want to do lol when I talk to him ill feel better lol

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