I Like The Field

Yeah I have been in the field before so I understand what our men go through. And I will say this which idc if it annoys anyone yeah we all are in love with our men but i love when my family or man is in the field lol. It gives me a day to rejuvenate from everyday motions. We all need some personal me time. Yeah me and him been texting while he's gone and even his mommy textd to just chit chat. I miss him but I'm not all boo hoo he's gone for a week. I save the crying and really being bummed for extended trainings and deployments.

But omg having a day to just veg which I never do is amazing. I even missed my 5-10 mile usual morning run ans slept in until 10. Usual sleep in at this house is about 0700 the latest. I am ALWAYS done up in my best dressed outfits but it is so nice to have a day off from everything. I'm an avid workout and health nut. Always wana look my best. But it's nice not getting done up and just laying around in sweats. Hell we even ate pizza. That's a huge no no in this house.

As usual my man asked for a daily pic. No problem babe. Lmao he was shocked. Sent a pic in a tank hair in a messy bun glasses no makeup eating pics. His reply I'm disappointed because your eating pizza without me and pissed bc I've never received a sexy pic of you like this. Then he called because he freaked thinking I was pregnant lol. I guess that shows you I never eat junk or just lounge. We are very active.

Yeah I miss him kinda bored think il teach myself one of his video games so I can kick his *** on it. But girls seriously take a day to yourself to just relax we gotta be rested so we aren't cranky and have the energy to support our families. Admit it, being supportive can be draining when they are gone all the time. So make sure to embrace a day to yourself. Take a nap get your nails done and relax once in awhile. It feels good. No lie tomorrow back to my healthy life style I ate just two piece of pizza and I feel so gross. I dont know how people eat like this its so yucky to me lol but it did taste good at the moment Lol. He so pissed about the pizza bc I will hardly ever eat like that. He's demanding a Netflix sweat pant pizza date. I hope that's not our valentines date lol but if it is he better snazz it up with some red sweats lol.

So remember to take a day to rejuvenate yourselves. It's feels so good to be rested. We are making this a once a month thing where we have at least one complete full day and night off from work and training to just veg rather we are in the same state or not. Always can do a movie date through FaceTime. :)
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wow you really do have a routine. My Marine doesn't like me to eat/drink junk food, I'm always hesitating about telling him when I drink coke haha; but he takes whatever pic I send him :)

Are you a MMA fighter? My bf and I are fans! He goes for Jon Jones and I go for Carlos Condit

My soldier doesn't care what I eat lol I am the one usually on him about his eating habits. Idc what he eats but he asked me to be on him bc he wants to make a new weight goal. He loves any pic of me but he was just like I love the fact your all comfy and relaxing for once. I have been doing Mma for 10 years. It's a great way to keep in shape and it also provides you with great self defense. I don't do competing fights I just train and fight in my training classes. I will admit sometimes I walk out of training all bruised up and boy do I get looks when I'm out. I dont think people realize or think of of the box when they see a female with bruises. We do real life scenarios as if we are being attacked which we do use force on each other so we will react as if it was real life even being attacked with weapons also. It's awesome but sometimes you can get hurt in class. I've had a few injuries very minor but nothing a chiropractor couldn't fix. I had to finally explain to my bosss and co workers what i do bc I had a Nast hand print on my wrist and it was simply from doing self defense moves as if someone came and grabbed my wrist. My man can't pin me down he tried and I flipped him over and said babe I think you need more practice. He's a foot taller than me too. Shocked him ha.

really?!! Where do you take the classes? I would love to learn some moves, self defense is very important these days.

Also, if I could flip my Marine that would shock him too! haha Maybe I wont be able but at least I'll give him a fight haha he is 6.4" and I'm 5.9" :)

Look up martial arts schools and studios in your area. They all have different styles and classes. Lol yea mine in 6"3. You can also go watch a class at certain studios before you sign up to see if it will suit you