First Call! :)

I got my first call from my soldier tonight! I was so happy that I was crying. He was being timed and only had 30 seconds but I am so happy that I at least got something. He told me that he would call as soon as he got another chance to call and that he loved me and that he was okay. It was just what I needed to get through this next week! <3 I don't have his address yet, but maybe that will come soon! Let's hope! :)
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I got a letter I was jumping up and down full of excitement I started crying as I was reading it. It felt so good. I can imagine how I would feel if I was able to hear his voice. Congrats on that call I know how important it was to you!!

thanks girl! I got a letter today also! I pretty much destroyed the envelope ripping it open because I was so excited! It is really what I needed

Awe that is super exciting y'all got to talk! Yay happy for you! :)

thanks girl! :)

Im so happy for you! it will get easier from here out! Trust me!(: Im here for ya if you ever need someone to talk too! Hey do you have a Facebook by any chance cause then we can talk on there!

yeah i do, I can look you up! and I just really want to get his address so I can send him all the letters ive been writing haha

i know me too! My name on Facebook is Courtney de Waal Malefyt

kayyy il add you, im on now


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