It Over...

I am utterly broken hearted, tears just keep running down my face endlessly and I don't know what to do. Everything was hunky dorry the 1 minute and the next..
My Mr S has broken up with me, I'm still reeling from shock.. Losing my mind, I feel so incomplete.
What do I do now?
punanies punanies
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1 Response Jan 20, 2013

If you guys are meant to be then eventually he'll come back to you and you guys will be happy again. If not, move on with your life. I'm sure you loved him and sacrificed a lot for him, and of course you will definitely go through the normal break up emotions. But after you've gone through all that, realize that you are a beautiful, smart, wonderful woman and you deserve to be happy. Don't let this destroy the happiness that you deserve in life! Sorry that this happened to you I know it must hurt horribly, but just keep in the back of your mind that what your feeling is temporary and that you will be happy one day:)!

wow thanks...
And things are actually looking up, although there is no certainty but things seem to be getting back to what they were. Keeping my fingers crossed, I love this man.

I wish the best for you!:)