Left Wondering

My boyfriend of almost a year recently left 19 days ago and it has been especially difficult. I hate being the needy girlfriend who always wants to talk. He is currently going to school and training in Texas and I am in Idaho. I understand completely that he can't devote all of his time to talking to me. My only concern is that when we do talk, it is sporadically and he is very short in his answers and I cannot help but feel that he is losing interest in me. When he does stop texting me he rarely says goodbye and our conversations go nowhere. I brought it up today but he assured me that he is just busy; I believe him of course but it still led to an argument.
What makes it easier to sit around wondering all of the time?
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2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

It's hard at first! And that's kinda ironic, I am from Texas and my boyfriend is stationed in Idaho! But anyways it's not easy because we do have a lot of time to think and worry so sometimes that can lead to us over thinking a situation and cause negative thoughts. Just have faith that y'all can push through :) most likely he isn't losing interest in you, he is just busy and they are so focused on training or their jobs that they act distant as a way to cope with the pain of being away. Just give him some space and in time things will get better!

Thanks! It's so reassuring to get it from another girls point of view who is going through the same thing.

Yeah girl we are here for you because we know how it feels! Just keep positive :)

You have to find ways to keep busy. One thing that's helped my whole my man is gone is get like a journal or something to write in and write things down so that way he can read what's been going on when you don't get to talk to him.

Good idea! I think I will start writing in a journal to put my mind in a better place on these difficult times.

It will help that's what's gotten me through Ryan's deployment. Plus I'm able to get my feelings out that way