We Are Strong!

So, I've posted a couple stories on here before and am reading what everyone has been posting lately and I feel like we all need a reminder that we are strong. We are certainly lucky that we have a place to vent where others understand what we are going through, but don't forget that we can survive with out him! We are strong women and capable of being okay with being alone, getting done what needs to get done and filling our time with productive activities.

Deployment does not last forever, even if it feel like it sometimes. Every moment without him is actually making us stronger. We can't confuse missing him with being dependent on him for our hapiness. If our love remains strong, so do we. It's okay to fall apart sometimes as long as we put ourselves back together, right? So stay strong for him, but even more importantly, for you.
jennwithdoublen jennwithdoublen
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2 Responses Jan 21, 2013

This is so awesome! Thanks for this, I couldn't agree more!:)

I needed this so much ... Thank you

I'm so glad it helped. I feel like these times apart are blessings that continue to make us both stronger for each other. Good luck!