Marine Fiance.!

Hey guys! I'm new on here but after so long decided i needed to join a group for any kind of support because this military life could be crazy. My marine has been in for almost 2 years and we been through a development already. We have known each other for a very long time && just 4 months before he left to boot camp we decided to officially be together. He left the day after my birthday which made it a little worst for me but we spend each day together day and night. He was a little worried and scared i wouldn't want to go through his military life with him but told him i will always be there no matter what. I cant lie when he first left it hit me very hard & i didnt want to do anything at all but then i started getting letters and it felt sooo great to hear from him. I would read his letters over and over till i felled asleep & i was my happiest when i was on my way to SC for graduation. Seeing him for the first time was the greatest thing in the word we cried, hugged like never before. Finally having that peace in me after being on edge for so long. He came home just for a few things but we enjoyed it to the max. He then went to his MOS school which we barely talked but we both tired the best with what we had. When he finally got stationed there was more talking and things were looking up. But sadly we started having problems and i was getting more depressed then before. When he finally came home again we were pretty much broken up. He came to my college one day as i asked to get his all his stuff and we parted being mad, hurt, disappointed , so many emotions going on. But the distance and things getting taken for granted got us to that point. The following day i went into the hospital and For my surprise he came to the hospital. Even though i told him to leave he wouldnt he stayed until he couldnt anymore. He broke down on the bed with me and i tired holding back the tears. Our break up was very weird we was still with each other everyday up to the day he had to leave. On that day after a very long and stressful week we decided to try again. Everything was okay after that, cant lie my trust issues werent to good with him after everything but we worked it out and started being happy once again. Just a few weeks after he told me he was getting developed, it broke my heart but i had to support him in everything. He came home a month before he had to go for about a week it was the best thing ever. In the middle of the week he asked me to marry him in our favorite spot since day one. We were the happiest we could be after having a few rough months. The week before he left i went down to be with him and again we made it the best, it was really emotion and crazy. Having so many different feeling and not knowing what to do. He again left just a few days after my birthday. Him leaving was soo hard and that feeling of not knowing was worst. I think i have said a lot already i just wanted somewhere where someone has been through the same things and could just talk. There's alot more especially with development and everything after up to this moment. That will be in another post. Im here if anyone else needs help. =)
Lizlopez Lizlopez
18-21, F
Jan 21, 2013