Tell Me I'm Not Alone

Okay, so I'm reaching a breaking point I think.

My Marine and I have been together for almost 10 months now. We made it through our first deployment with ease and his first month back was great. Well now he's reaching that transition point and is having issues settling into a new routine. I am nothing but supportive of him, and I love him with all of my being plus some, but this rough.

He's recoiling from me and it hurts. I understand that what he's struggling with has nothing to do with me, but it also makes me feel extremely helpless. I miss him so much, and this disconnect is giving me the worst anxiety ever. I'm trying to push through and take care of myself, but I feel like I need him, and he doesn't want me. I just don't know what to do with myself in the mean time, either than to be patient with him and ride it out.

I know there are a lot of us going through things similar to this. But I think I just need to hear it, and need to know that it's possible to overcome it. I'm terrified of him pushing me away and losing him. Anyone have insight?
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3 Responses Jan 22, 2013

I am so happy to have women like you to understand me... my soldier who is deployed right now said that we are completley different .... that I will never ever understand what he is going through.... I feel as though my soldier is having trouble with a lot of his family memebers because were all saying that we understand when in generally were aren't.... we have no clue what our men are going through.. not even imagining what they go through is enough.... all we woman can do is just hold them when they return... and never stop loving them... show them tht nomatter what..... we will be here even if they are lost sooner or later they will find there way back home to us... be strong ladies... WE ARE ARMY GIRLFRIENDS WE ARE STRONG AND STURDY.. WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS... wheather its pre deployement gitters or in the process of deployment ... or in the after math of a deployment... we will get through this.

I'm going through the exact thing as you! My marine came back home from development at the end of august. Lately its been hard to communicate with each other and feel just like you. Especially when you don't have that many people that could relate to you it becomes harder. I'm open to hearing you out whenever needed. Keep hope, things will turn out good at the end. =)

My boyfriend is in deployment right now and seems to push me away too... I think they get very caught up in focusing on their work that they forget other things that matter to them, like love. I don't have genius advice ... But if you love him then don't give up. Sometimes getting through the tough parts where we want to give up pays off... And that's what we hope for. Good luck