Preparing For Deployment.

True, me and my boyfriend will face our first deployment in march, his deployment is 10months and just thought of I makes me cry and hurt inside. I'm definitely and completely going to be here for him very minutes of every hour all the time, supporting,loving and caring for him. How does one prepare for a deployment, beig away from the one you love? How do you cope with it? Idk but I guess ill figure it out along the way. Time and distance doesn't stand a chance against true love.. Funny I always dreamed of being a military wife when I was younger (weird huh) and today I'm a army girlfriend and I couldn't be prouder, it's so hard to be away from him but thinking of the home coming brings joy and happiness to my heart. Deployment hasn't started yet but he's currently away in training for a month and my heart cries but my smile will remain and my strength will continue for me and him for the both of us. We have so many plans for after deployment I'm just anxious for the year to finish. Big a military girl friend is no joke, our soldiers are heroes but so are the ladies they leave behind supporting those troops!
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Jan 22, 2013