Love Is What Keeps Us Going <3

As I'm sitting at my desk supposed to be doing homework I couldn't help but think about my soldier as always. I don't think there is one minute that passes by where he doesn't cross my mind even if its just for a split second. He's been gone now about two an a half weeks and I can honestly say this time seeing him leave was the hardest. But, I have been strong for the both of us! The only thing that keeps us going is the love we share, our bond is so strong we share so many special moments together and even though we can't pyshically be by each others side everyday we still get by. Because we know in our hearts we are made for one another. He's not only the love of my life but he is my best friend; we get along so well and we can laugh and joke around all day and have the biggest smiles on our faces. I have people ask me all the time "how do y'all do it?" "Is it really worth it?" And my answer is hell yes it's worth it. And we push through because we trust each other and most importantly respect and love one another! Military relationships are very hard and challenging but the time aper apart makes us grow closer and we have learned to cherish every moment we get together. And I'm just blessed I get the opportunity to have someone so special to miss even when it's hard. Just remember on the days you feel down in the dumps that the love you have with your soldier is what should get you through! The waiting doesn't last forever. <3
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2 Responses Jan 22, 2013

this is beautiful...thx for the encouragement:)<3

Thanks! It's just the truth and anytime :)

Truer than true. Love is what has us all going.. love this post