Hey everybody!

Today I received two letters from my love! They weren't very long but he made his point very clear in both. I'm just happy he misses me and loves me! Prolly not as much I as do though!! I'm so happy, this made my week one hundred times better!! <3
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4 Responses Jan 23, 2013

Awe! It seems like everyone is getting letters, I got mine yesterday, is was short and not much of anything, but.... it brought me to tears! Just in general. A LETTER. he loves me and it made my week knowing that I'm still on his mind, and he sets time to write me just a little something.

This week just keeps getting better bc he also called me tonight! Week made I'm so happy :)))) I'm happy u got letters too!

Yes I had his address though for a good week! Him writing makes this whole experience a hell of a lot easier! I just love him so much :)

Did he put his address on them yet!? awww how exciting.:)

What?!! two letters!! Oh my! :)