Waiting Is The Worst Part....

My bf is at training in Fort Benning right now...and I've already made it through like the first 2 months....I'm 41 days away from his graduation...and for some reason the closer it gets...the harder it is getting for me. I seen him during his Christmas Exodus and we spent a whole week together which was sooo much needed and so absolutely wonderful. But after seeing him...I feel like a mad woman! I've already written him like 7 letters in the time span of 3 weeks...(usually I do once a week)....lol and although I do move on with my day and enjoy my life with friends and family it's so hard not to feel sad sometimes. I just think about how when he gets deployed how much worse it'll be...instead of 3,095 mi.....it might be 30,095...it just sucks looking in the mail box and seeing absolutely nothing from him....it sucks having my phone attached to my hip when I know he's not gonna call. It sucks dreaming about him and then waking up and he's not there. Everything sucks about this! I mean you read about how much this sucks...you even watch shows about how much this sucks....but the real suckiness doesn't hit you until your smack dab in the middle of it! And here I am...totally in love with my boyfriend who has signed up 6 years with the Army National Guard...6 years! If a year ago someone told me this were to happen to me...I wouldn't have believed them for the life of me....*sigh* the things we do for love! The only thing that keeps me going strong is truly Jesus and the fact that I know I will be happy and in the arms of my soldier one day. Kudos to all the women who have been there done that, who are currently doing it right now, and to even the women who are thinking about doing it! Because this is one hell of a lifestyle and hopefully the Lord gives me the strength to get through these next 6 years with flying colors! lol hopefull there will be no re-enlisting...!!! lol
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No problem! :) Mine is a Marine.

Oh my gosh. When my boy friend was in Bootcamp and in his Infantry schooling i felt the same way. I didnt know how often i would here from him when he was in Infanty training so there was two weeks where i kept my phone with me in the bathroom when i would shower just so i wouldnt miss a call from him. With the military you never know what is going to happen, where they will go, when you will for sure see or talk to them. If your love is strong enough it can handle anything all you need is patience and constant remind them how much you support and how proud you are of them. If it is ment to be everything will all work out the more you miss someone the more you will appreciate the time you get to spend with them. If you ever need any advice or someone to relate you can talk to me :)

thank you I really appreciate this! What branch of the military is your bf in?

I feel your pain. I'm in the same boat, I carry my phone around with me, hoping that it'll ring and it'll be my boyfriend, the worst is dreaming about them by your side, and there not there. I mean don't get me wrong keeping busy helps. But knowing that your boyfriend is away doing something to better this world, is hard. especially when all you want is too hold them tight.

Thanks for understanding...it's hard to find that here at home or even with friends...I feel like every is nice and can sympathize with me...bt they just don't fully understand. So thank you for making me not feel alone:)

Of course, we all deal with things in our own way, and having people understand and are going through the same thing helps :)