First Phone Call Since Deployment

Okay so it's 3 ish, and I am tossing and turning in bed due to a migraine. When all of a sudden... I hear my phone vibrate and I notice its a call.. I see the craziest number ever and immediately I know it's him. I pick up.. And hearing his voice, was amazing. He told me he's sorry he hasn't been able to contact me much... But that he's going to call and Facebook message me as much as possible. He really is my hero... He's the most positive person I know. He still has nine months left of deployment, and all he could talk about is this car he really wants and how he's so excited to show me it. Like he always keeps himself positive and has the funniest things to tell me. Honestly, I couldn't understand some of the stuff he was trying to tell me about something exciting that happened at midnight .. But hey, he sounded very healthy and normal. He told me he loves me very much, misses me very much, and that he thinks about me all the time. And after all we've gone through, I don't take those words for granted. I know he means them .. I can't wait to speak to him again. In the mean time ill continue what I've been doing, life must go on. I want girls out there to keep that in mind... Stay happy and busy while they're away. They need all the positivity and support they can get, and want us to be happy here at home. Of course I've learned all of this the hard way, but I've learned. So so happy to finally have heard his voice for the first time since he's been over seas :D
JuliTirado JuliTirado
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1 Response Jan 27, 2013

why do you have your cell on vibrate?! nooooo haha

I honestly didn't expect him to call at all! Haha but now I learned my lesson, my phone will be on loud!!!