Mailing A Letter To Fort Benning, GA

How to address a letter to my soldier at ft.benning i know the company i just feel like i miss something
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Our son left Raleigh on Jan 29th going to Benning. Last we heard from him was that night and he was stuck in the Atlanta airport waiting on a bus that was an hour late. How long did it take you to get that first call? I know they have to be in reception for a few days, but from what we read on the Benning website the new arrivals should call home within 24-48 hours just to let you know they have arrived ok. Thanks for the help!

if his phone wasn`t dead you should have got a call that night but they do get phone calls tomorrow at about 7 pm and he will be able to send you letter but you want be able to send him any back until he get in BCT and that can take up to a week....let me know if you need more help

My boyfriend left on the 7th, and I don't even have his address yet! :( and your fiance got there after mine did! UGH. You are SO LUCKY! lol

thanks i done got like three phone calls and like five letter btw go on facebook and try in find him because thats what i did you can even as some company and they will tell you everything will i say delta do it so far but my fiance not with them doe...let me know and if i can i will help you look if you want me to ;)

your soldier is in delta? and i got one letter and one call, ughh I just want to hear from him! lol

no he in alpha but i just be looking thur all the

my boyfriend is either in alpha or bravo and I haven't heard anything and i just thought that maybe it was because they were more strict or something :/ and what pages are you talking about?

just types in alpha company and it should pop up also the same with bravo

okay I was looking on facebook and I found alpha troop and i found a picture and it looks like him but its from the back and its very slightly blurry, but i think it is him...but even then, I dont know why i wouldnt have any of his you live close to georgia? maybe it just takes longer for letters to get to me because i live further away? or maybe he is in a diff platoon?

yea i stay an Albany which is like a hour away from ft benning..and i though the same when it came to Robert ugh cant wait until i get a good pic of him ;) btw is he send the packet with all the info to you or his mama?

I have no idea! He lives with me now, but I don't know if it gets sent to his home address automatically...he moved really quick before he left just so he would know that all of his stuff was still there for him when he came back (family issues), so idk where it would get sent too! :(

if you don't mind me asking when did he last call you because they spent a week reception like i said before but do you know what date he had to be there and i can help you figure out which company he end by using this website below

thats why i am so confused! because no one on here went in the same day that he did...he went in on the 7th of January, I dropped him off at the base and they left for georgia that day and in his letter he wrote that he was done with reception the 10th (he could have been mistaken maybe, idk) and I got a call from him on the 19th..but it was only like 30 seconds.

and i looked at that thing, and none are the day that he started on, and he is supposed to be done in may (with basic and ait) so i thought they were a combined graduation?

ok if he went on the 7 that mean he didn`t start bct until the 18 that why you got a call on the 19 for like 30 sec i got the same from mine just a diffrent day so if i`m not mistaking check his RN should be 350 F/1-50 which me he begin 18-Jan-13 and his grad date is 26-Apr-13 btw look on facebook for it

also look at the link below i think the hightlight one your boyfriend dates

he told me that he was going to graduate in may and idk his RN, it wasnt in his return address, but i did find a pic of him getting yelled at on the facebook page! lol happy for you so what company was he in

he is in alpha, I was just confused at the whole timeline...because I dropped him off on the 7th and then I tried to figure out on my own how long things would take because I can't talk to him obviously lol And I thought that he would have gotten there earlier, but he didn't, i dont know, my timeline was off haha And I was confused with how the troops are within something within the company or something, idk! haha But I am hoping that I have it now lol

mine in alpha 2-19 is maybe they know each other

i think he is 1-81? or 5-15....not sure which one of those haha SO MANY NUMBERS! I don't know which one makes more sense lol

lol dang i though he was with rob i was going give you the address so you can sent letter because they put it up today

no lol but I just got the letter today, so I got the address! :)

yayy for you i just got a letter he wrote me on the 21

yeah, the one I got was from the 18th lol but I got it today lol and i think that my bf is in 1-81 but i found his picture on facebook in 5-15...i dont know why...thats something that confused me lol

yea ion know what up with the mail

seriously! haha The date on the letter is like 4 days before the stamp on the outside that is from the post office!

i know i was like stamp when mail man don`t like me doe he always write on my letter well on the back of them and i be like okay rudeness...

he writes on the back of your letter?! what the heck? lol what does he write?

because use your real last wtf..because my fiance always write Abel Golden and where i get mail its just Abel now until after we get marry

and besides...whose business is it of the mail man? and how does he know that you arent married already? sounds like a creeper to me lol

lol i know i guess he want me to also put golden for the mail change but i`m like really you know its for my apt

still, really, its none of his business.

yea but i`m moving soon so its like...whatever

just hope that the mail man doesnt follow you! hahahaa

lol...hahaha i hope not i`m be like dang you need to make sure i get my letter in a day if you want to do all that

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my man is there too, but I haven't gotten the company yet or anything, how long has ur man been there?

he been since the 15 of this month he had to got thur reception which was all the way until the 24 then i got a call and a letter saying on the 25 he began BCT

my bf got there the 7th, and he wrote me on the 10th saying that he was done with reception and i got a call like a week later and i ended up getting the letter after i got the call, but thats it! :(