Found Out He'S Been Cheating Today: It'S Over

Long story short. His ex and I got into an argument , and seeing as to she knew a lot I didn't , she gave me her number and we texted and she sent me all the proof of all the stuff he's been doing behind my back for months. He tells her all about it and she has pictures and messages as evidence which only cleared up my initial suspicions. I messaged him, even if he's in Afghanistan ending it. I haven't stopped crying but I'm glad I didn't marry a liar and cheater. Before any of you say that his ex could be lying and how do I know he really cheated .. I've seen things for a while and all the proof cleared it up. He hasn't answered my message yet but nothing he says will make me take him back. I've been here for him throughout everything and that's how he thanks me? Being unfaithful with several girls? I don't wish this pain on any of you. This is probably my last post on here since I am no longer an army girlfriend. I wish you all luck and thank you for being here for me up to now ... Time to heal this pain.
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I know you hurt and there probably nothing I can say to you right now but however look at the one thing you keep in that’s the picture of you and him. Its never ok for someone to cheat when you doing everything that you could to keep yall together but also look at this why would she wait until you guys start fussing to tell you all of that if she been had all the proof she need to bust your bubble…I`m just saying something don`t add up

I'm giving him a chance to explain so well see. Ill be able to tell if he's lying or not

ok that good i mean you should always hear both said of the stroy

I would start looking for a new bf ur gut feelings are usually right.

I know the pain you feel. The only insight i can give you is picture your life 10 years from now, picture your wedding, your family and the happily ever after you imagined and what do you see? did you ever see him in it? thats how you know it wasn't right even before you found out. That dream is now closer...go out and find it :)

I did see him in it but not anymore.. You're totally right. Thank you for your kindness <3

Better that you found out before you were committed to him in a binding fashion hun :/ It sucks horribly, but you'll find how relieved you are knowing you no longer have to worry over someone who couldn't have cared that much for you! Keep your beautiful head high and stay strong! And best of luck to you, though I doubt you'll need it :]

Thanks you so much you're so sweet!

Tell him good luck finding a girl who will stay faithful and stick around w him being so far away! Not many girls can do it

I told him alright.

hope you heal fast

Thank you I hope so

you will your mature

I try!

I can tell your very mature and able to move on with your life,,

Thank you

can you already feel the desire to move on to a better guy

No I don't want to jump in to another relationship

thats a good thing,,

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