Advice Please??

So.... It's kind of a complicated story, but my guy and I have been together for technically a few weeks. But we've been best friends for a couple of years before that, and we dated in high school for 8 months..... It feels like we've been together for ever. Anyway, he was a real jerk in high school. None of my friends or my parents liked him. I finally realized what a douche he was and broke up with him. Well, I'm an optimist and maybe a bit naieve, and I honestly believe he's changed. We were just friends for almost 5 years after I broke up with him the first time, and it seemed like he was starting to become a better person even right after that. Then he enlisted and I can see a huge difference. He's not so angry anymore, and he channels all of his energy into good things instead of doing stupid stuff. And he's absolutely crazy about me. I'm his princess. The problem is that I haven't told any of my close friends from high school OR my parents, becaue I don't know how to. They all still hate him and aren't willing to give him a second chance, even though none of them kept in touch with him and don't know who he is now. So... how do I tell them? And when do I tell them?
navygirl00 navygirl00
18-21, F
Feb 4, 2013