Ahhh... :)

FINALLY got to skype him today!! After not seeing him for 2 years, it was awesome :)
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Your boyfriend is in the Navy, and you haven't seen him for TWO YEARS?!?! Where is he stationed?

Well, there's back story. It's not anything the Navy has done, it's because we were just fiends for the first two years of his being in the Navy. Haha so the Navy isn't crazy, it just took us a while to get together :P

oh okay, whew! haha you got me worried for a minute!! haha I'm glad you guys are doing so great! =)

Lol yeah, don't freak out :P Thanks!!

First Skype in 2 years?

Haha yeah... well we only got together a few weeks ago, so before that Skype wasn't really a priority :P

Don't get me wrong, I didn't mean anything by it, in fact, it gives me strength, I at least get to see mine a lot by skype :) How did you two meet?

No worries :) Skype is like, the best thing ever. We actually met 6 years ago in high school haha. In choir class :P How did you and yours meet??

I met him while volunteering :)

Holy cow... 14 years is a loong time! Well, congratulations :) Volunteering? That's cool :) Gotta love giving back

God bless fb haha

For sure! Sooooo nice to have that stuff :)

Well with the time difference it gets hard sometimes, but it's at the very least once a week

That's a good idea, keeping each other updated day by day. I like that day. Chin up! You'll see him soon!

yes, I didn't Skype my Marine yesterday (even though it was a Sunday), just some texts :( not the same


Me too.... Skype is definitely sooooo much better than texting. My and mine are still trying to figure out a Skype schedule

Haha thanks :P I'm keeping my fingers crossed

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