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So my boyfriend left in january for basic training.
Im new to this whole being an Army girlfriend thing but im willing to go through it all for him. Since he has been at his base I have recieved letters from him, However I have sent many letters back and everytime I get a new letter from him he never really responds to anything I had wrote to him... I'm not sure if hes getting my letters or not.. people keep telling me that I'm doing everything right soo I don't know :/ I need advice please and thank you (:

- Steph
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I got a phone call today!! <3 sooo happy to hear his voice (:

it has been the same for me, he never really responds to my letters exactly...maybe its a guy thing? lol my bf left in january too! where is yours stationed?

Haha it could be a guy thing haha
and mine is at ft benning yours?(:

mine is too! when did he go in? I know in January, but what day? do you know when his graduation is?

Lol the 7th if I remember right and
his graduation is on the 21st(: yours?

the 21st of which month? lol

Sorry of March

is that the bct grad or ait grad? bc my bfs bct grad is that weekend too! lol


they have the same grad! thats so cool! il probs see you down there haha

Prob!(: that'll be neat hah

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Were is he doing basic at

Ft benning

Soo I got a letter from my boyfriend today!
and he told me he was getting my letters yay! I'm so happy <3

Got a letter from mine yesterday he finally got my letters as well :)

Awhhh yay!(:
Mines at Fort benning &amp; yours?

ft leonard wood... every bodies man is at ft benning hmmm lol

Haha awhh :/

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yes, it takes awhile for mail to get to them depending where they are, sometimes i have sent letters and he didn't even receive them:/ But, it's always a good thing to make two of the same letter, and if one doesn't make it, you can always have another to fall back on..Hope you two all the best, stay strong sweetie, it is very hard, but it's all worth it when you see him again:) good luck:)

xoxo -marissa

Awh thank you so much &lt;3 it means a lot

no problem sweetie:)

Mines left in jan o sent him out a bunch of letters Jan 28 it was delivered to base on the 31st & today is the 5th of Feb he still hasn't got anything yet. I called they said it could take up to two Weeks for them to get mail once it's on base not including the time it take to be delivered to the base depending on where you live and he's stationed. It take seven days to mail a letter from where I live to the base.

Ohh okay well I was told that it sometimes does take a while for mail to get distributed to them I just wasnt sure if it was true but since you said that ill be more patient.
Thank you so much (:

:) I'm still learning patience lol