Counting Down!

So, my boyfriend's graduation from BCT is April 19th!
His mom called me and told me that I was more than welcome to come with them on their trip down to Georgia. My sister is coming with me, so I don't feel super awkward lol. I'm so excited! I know it's still a couple months away but who cares!? lol.

Oh, before I forget,
In Daniel's last letter, he said that he's on "white phase" now. Does that mean he'll be able to make phone calls soon?! I miss his voice so much.
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Where is he doing basic at? I have no idea what phase he's in...might be like blue phase or now he's in AIT and he still hasn't really been able to contact me via phone! Only when they had a break before they started AIT...hopefully itz different for you and ur man!:) Mine graduates March 8!

He's at Fort Benning in Georgia. His letter said he got to have a milk shake because he's in white phase lol. he was pretty excited about that.

lmao how cute! I guess being in traning really makes u value the little things.! haha

I guess so! where's your man at?

He's also at Fort Benning..he's Army National Guard so he's done with Basic Training...he's just finishing up his AIT right now which began on Monday!:)

Oh that's cool!

Yeah! I'm so excited about actually going and seeing a real base! I've never really seen one before or been on one..and the hotel I'm staying at is walking distance from where they're having his graduation so it should be fun! HAve u ever been on an actual base before!?

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