I had a rough morning this morning. Not involving my boyfriend. Just seemed like everything that could go wrong was definitely going wrong. Plus my guy's dad is visiting him so he's a bit distracted. Which I understand. It just would have been so nice to have had him here to hold me and make me feel better.... made me miss him so so so much more than usual.
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If it helps any last month was like that for me. Everything that could go wrong did. But it did get better once February came around things have started looking up for me

That's good! Yeah, we were on Skype last night for a while, which helped a lot. I just want him to come home...

That's great you were able to Skype with him and I hear ya about wanting him home. I tell my marine I want him home and he said me 2

Yeah. I hear that a lot too. I have a military significant others support board on Pinterest and my guy went through it and started crying. It sucks for everyone involved. Still, I'm so proud of him

It really does but they all are amazing and my man makes me so proud

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