So I'm starting to write my boyfriend a letter, even though I can't send it yet because I have no return address. But anyone know if I can send pictures to him with my letter? He's at Fort Benning and Idk how strict they are and whatnot
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If you can get ahold of his recruiter you can ask him for the address:)

Yes, you can send him pictures. Just nothing inappropriate. Whatever you send, will be view-able by the others. Packages get opened at mail call in front of everyone. I went to CVS and printed them, 4x6 size. I sent one picture every few weeks, just to keep his spirits up.

letters dont get open in front of everyone. i wouldnt reccomened send care packages though they are very strict and limited on what they are allowed to have send a million letters though

She's right. Just packages get opened in front of everyone for contraband. Sorry, I wasn't clear....And I wouldn't send care packages until he is allowed to have them...the Facebook page should tell you and when he's further along you can ask what he's allowed to have. Stay strong!

Okay perfect :) Thanks so much!

you can ask him in a letter or you can send him a wallet sized one and see what he says my soldier went to benning and i think he was allowed a few in his locker usually one or two is okay just dont send him like 15