Valentine's Day From a Half a World Away...

Lately there seem to be so many more stories about how unbearably difficult missing our soldiers is than usual... I'm wondering if it has something to do with Valentine's Day. I mean of course we've known that they're not going to be here, and it's really not that big of a deal, right? So we make all these cutesy cards and packages, we get in the loving spirit, send them off full of smiles, and love, and pride... But we've just had what we're going to have for Valentine's Day: a date with the post office, lol! Now as the world seems to gear up around us for a weekend of love, we've already sent all the love we're going to be able to send... I have never been a huge Valentine's Day fan, whether I had a boyfriend at the time or not didn't particularly matter to me. But now I'm wondering if it isn't having some kind of subconscious affect on all of walking around in a red and pink world just hurts too much when all we can see are shades of green and beige?

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I agree- Valentine's itself isn't a big deal. It's a "Hallmark" holiday. But I think it does, whether consciously or subconsciously, make us think about the ones we love - whether it be significant others, family, or friends. And when one of our loved ones is beyond our reach, it makes us miss them more and reach out to remind them how much they mean to us.

Thanks girls...I absolutely know Valentine's Day is no biggie! It was more about me just pondering whether or not it was having an affect on the number of difficult stories I've been seeing from many of the girls on here lately.<br />
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When Christmas and New Years rolled around I hadn't yet found EP and so I wasn't here to watch how the moods and attitudes changed for everyone. I guess I was just thinking outloud ; )

Valentine's Day is suppose to be a day that you show your love and appreication for the one you love....Why do that for just one day....<br />
I look at it this way, It's Valentine's day EVERYDAY for us! We Love our men unconditionally, and appreicate them every second of everyday, as well as thier love for us doing what they are doing to protect us and thier country! <br />
During this deployment We have "missed" every holiday together including my birthday, Valentine's day is NO Biggie!!! <br />
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stay strong, that's what we do!

Bless, stay strong. We all have eachother and will make it through.x