Looking For Some Input

So my boyfriend and i have been together for almost 2 years now. We met in 2007 when we worked together. I am only 20 and people keep telling me that i am too young to wait for him, but they dont know what its like. You can't control who you fall in love with. When he first left for basic training, i was lost. He is my bestfriend and we we're always together. Then as the time went on, being away from eachother was more bearable. But now that he is deployed i am beside myself. He has been gone for a couple months now and i am so lonely. Not only is hard to be away from him, lately he hasn't made any attempts to contact me. I am worried and upset, i dont know what is going on. I am completely faithful to him and support him 100% i just dont understand why he hasnt made the effort to talk to me. I am not sure what else i can do. i just hope that i will hear from him soon.

browneyedgirl237 browneyedgirl237
1 Response Feb 10, 2009

I know how you feel.I started dating my byofriend when i was 15/16 it was pretty rough.everyone went out of there way to try to get us a part.they told me i was/am wasting the best years of my life.I disagree,i am doign what makes me happy NOW.if they think im wasting my time.thats fine.but i am happy and thats all that matters to me,